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Break Up
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Break Up
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: it doesn't meantion any names so it can be any, but its het!
Genre: angst, slight gore, character death
Summary: i'm not gonna go with a philisophical summery this time... she wants to break up, he doesn't, he goes psycho-mode, death.

A/N: This was actually for an extra credit english assignment i did... so it's very rushed and not very well thought out. I was really making things up as i went along so...  it's a little messy....

I think we should break up.Collapse )

FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Waiting
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: 2min Minho/Yuri
Genre: angst
Summary: People wait, and for what? Happiness?

A/N: So  my birthday is coming up~ hehe~ so I felt kinda guilty not writing in a while so yeah, i'm back~ I'm actually in the middle of TRYING, key word there, to write a long onkey one-shot, but kinda failing.... I also tried writing fluff, HAHAHAHAno. it was a disaster in my book, but for some reason it got the most comments out of all my fanfics... what is it with fluff...? OK, so I'm rambling again, my bad, anyways. Hope you like it!! (or cry... cause well, the sole wish for angst writers is for the reader to be so touched they cry... right?)

He kept on waitingCollapse )

Kibum Got Played
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Kibum Got Played
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: onkey
Genre: fluff... or crack... or just plain boredom....
Summary:  I think the title really says it all.....

A/N: Ok, so this is the first time I ever even tried writing fluff... or crack for that matter, so don't hate me if it turns out to be a horrible fail... I mean I ALWAYS write angst, but something posessed me to write fluff... or crack...

It was a normal day in the SHINee household, 2min were off who knows where, Jonghyun was flirting with his girlfriend and onkey was... well onkey. Kibum was making dinner and Jinki was shouting to make chicken, yes, totally normal.  Although today, Kibum was a LITTLE cranky, so after the fifth outburst of chicken from, he snapped.

"By GOD Jinki! You are a TWENTY-THREE year old IDOL. STOP acting like a FREAKING THREE YEAR OLD!! I am NOT making chicken today so just SHUT UP!!! If you HADN'T noticed I have ALREADY almost finished dinner so there is NO use in shouting out chicken EVERY FIVE SECONDS."

After his little rant Kibums face was totally red with anger but that quickly changed when he saw tears welling up in his yeobos eyes.

"Oh no no no no no no, PLEASE don't cry Jinki! I'm sorry, don't cry!" Unfortunetly for Kibum, the tears kept on coming. "Ahhh, I'm sorry I'm sorry!! I'll make you chicken!! That good?!" And just like that, the tears magically disappeared and was replaced with a VERY happy Jinki.

"YAY!!!! Thank you Kibummie!!! LUV YOU!!!! ~Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken...~"

"... What just happened...?" And right before Jonghyun left for his date he still had time to shout out a few words.

"Pssh, you just got played by a sangtae chicken-addict."
Wow... this turned out horrible... I mean if I was the reader and not the writer my face would be making a WTF face right now... wait a minute, it is... yeah.... anyone, remind me NEVER to write fluff again... just not right...


FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Penholder
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13 to r
Pairings: Jongkey side!minkey side!onkey side!jongkyung
Genre: angst(as usual)
Summary: The penholder, the writer of all his thoughts and feelings. He controls them all.

A/N: This based off this song called the Penholder by Flyleaf. In the song, the meaning was totally different, but the title got me thinking..... of more angst.... and obsession..... which in my twisted world is the same thing...

Jonghyun POV

So beautiful. Your so beautiful. With your smoky feline eyes and seductive alluring voice, you've captured me. I'm under your spell, but then again, so are the rest of the idols. Kim Kibum. Your like a ruling cheetah. So magnificently fast and graceful, but so dangerous. So painstakingly dangerous. You are able to turn straight men gay, and taken men puddy at your feet. And you know. Your not an ignorant little child, you know your affect on everyone surrounding you, and that makes you all the more deadly. And I'm no exception.

My longing for you has not gone unnoticed. I can see that knowing smirk plastered on your face when your lingering touches stay just long enough to bring color to my cheeks but short enough to not arouse any suspicion. You know, you've always known. Yet here we are, 3 years past our debut and what are we? Friends? Best friends? Lovers? I really want to know, but whenever I gather enough courage to face you, it gets immediately thrown out when your lips come crashing down on mine. Those plush lips.

Everytime. And I mean everytime I even begin to question you where I stand, you always know just what to do to silence me. Whether it be a slow languid kiss or short sweet peck, you never fail to shut me up. You are amazing, but maybe, just maybe, I'm at fault too. Am I afraid? If so, of what? That if I do manage to successful ask you, that you'll leave me? That you'll completely abandon me and I will be left with nothing but those staged fanservices of what was once heated make-out sessions cramped last-minute in a closet right before a performance? I don't want that. It's not worth knowing your true feelings is if meant leaving me. Never leave me.

No matter how many times I've went over this in my head I can never fully convince myself I don't care if you really loved me. Of course it would never change why I will always be beside you, but maybe, if by any chance you do love me, it would make it stop hurting. It would make my heart stop almost failing everytime I just so happened to walk by your and Onew's shared room, hearing your ever-so lustful moans resonating through the slightly opened cracks from the door. It would make my heart stop almost failing evertime I hear your and Minho's deep, husky pants coming from inside the practice studio. But mostly, it would make my heart stop breaking evertime after all those sessions with them you would non-chalantly walk out with your tossled hair and glance over at me with nothing but those knowing eyes and devilish smirk showing. No shy blushing, no guitly gaze, just an almightly face that permanently scars me day after day.

Obsession is deadly. An age-old saying but with an alternative meaning. Everyone one knows getting obsessed with someone can lead to drastic actions that can harm anyone just to get what they want, but what about me? What about an obsession that can lead a person to the brick of insanity, pining after a devil who seems to get high from breaking you down, destroying your every last shard of morality and sanity? Oh, but I'm way past obsession; I'm merely a living corpse, continuing on on a non existant sliver of fading hope. I'm lost in a vast ocean consumed by black blatant desire portraying the image of my weakness, my Lucifer, you.

I want out. I'm getting to the point of blind suffocation. I can't breathe. All my thoughts, no more innocent snipits of fluffy moments, but lustful velvet images with shameless wanton moans echoing off any solid surface, surrounding me, choking me, breaking me. I need light. I need that barefaced naivety with a clean healthy start, but no. That's impossible because I'm already sullied. To the point where no matter how much I want and how much a need to be cleansed of this unhealthy obsession, it always comes back, you always come back. I'm a goner, until I met her.

Sekyung. Maybe, just maybe, she's my shining light, my savior from your deadly grasp. We met just coincidentaly at a convenience store, but instantly, I felt rejuvenated. I felt for once in years I wasn't trapped under your spell, I wasn't an obese person staring straight at a giant bowl of rich, creamy, swiss vanilla pudding.(sorry, i just don't like chocolate so... :P) Her smile makes me feel like a ten year-old with his first crush. That unwavering innocence and guitless fondness so refreshing to my long years of endless, painful pining after you. This is my new start. But I guess the world had a different plan for me.

The news about us soon spread and wasn't long until you heard. Just as quickly as I had first fallen for you, our short intimacies stopped, but you wild lovemaking with the others only increased. She is supposed to be making me feel better, but why whenever I come back to our dorm, my supposed home sweet home, I feel like nothing but an outsider, an intruder who doesn't belong to the harem of the almightly Key. But as always, my feelings don't matter, they never did. So return less frequently to the point where I only see you or the rest of the members at the company builing or at schedules. The distance between us just growing thicker.

Yes I do feel free-er now, but why do I also feel so guitly? Is it because my new status disappointing millions of fans around the globe, or the fact that I do enjoy Sekyungs company, but deep down, I still undeniably long for you? The loss of your touch has driven my body cold and numb and no matter how much warmth she supplies, it's never enough to fully replace those burning swirls you used to carve into my back or those toxic slashes you used to engrave into my chest. No one can ever replace you.

It's been weeks since I last been at the dorm at here I am, standing in front of this all too familer door, awaiting what kind of emotions it may bring along with it. I stood there for minutes, maybe even hours, thinking over how. How I could have possibly just broken up with the most natural, understanding girl I have ever met. She just faced me with sad eyes and soften spoken words of go to him. I was reluctant to leave her, but just not enough. She wasn't what I really needed, what I really yearned fo-"Hey there stranger."

"HOLY F-********* CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER VIEWERS ****-CKIN CRAP!!" I turned around to an amused face of you. Geez, how can you SCARE me like that! "My GOD Kibum, don't SCARE me like that! I think I almost got a heart-attack!" And first the first time I saw your mask break in so long and you burst out laughing, sort of convulsing on the floor... leaving me red-faced and forever embarassed of that moment.

After you finally calmed down we entered the dorm. It seemed so much more... colder, distant then what I remembered. I didn't like it, but it was too late to head back. We both settled down on the couch and silence overtook us. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it wasn't reassuring either. Your mask had returned showing a face of no emotion, like an empty shell, but oh wait, thats what I was. The silence never left, but I was long tired of this game. I want it end.

"I broke up with her." I carefully inspected your face of any emotion at all, none. Am I that worthless to you Kibum? Even as a friend can't you even show a speck of emotion? I guess not.

"Oh, really." Your blank-face stayed intact while mine crumbled, and still, another silence had risen. Only this time it wasn't the least bit comfortable. You just sitting there with your stone-cold face, and my withering composure, trying to stifle my unpreventable tears. I gave up. I let them fall, beacue this is it. I'm finally letting go. I can't bear this game anymor-you kissed me. Not a sweet 'n short goodbye peck, but I full out sucking your soul out kiss. I forgot how passionate, how loved your kisses were and I almost compiled. But then I remember all those times of those kisses being planted on Minho or Onew and I snapped. I pushed you away roughly resulting in  me being blown into my back on the coach and you being pushed onto the ground. I stared up at the ceiling in horror, not being able to move because I was paralyzed with fear. Then I heard you laugh.

Laugh? Yes, and not just laugh, but more like a hysterical cackling. I finally looked down at you and there you were, laying on the ground, holding your stomache in laughter. I was confused, so utterly confused. I mean really, WHAT was so amusing?! Then too soon enough, your cackling turned into sobs. Loud, pouring, sobs that peirced holes into me with each tear. I wasn't the only one breaking. Your mask broke and it was just us, Jonghyun and Kibum, two broken souls.

With every minute passing the air seemed to clear and your sobs lessened. You looked up at me with those sad, puffy eyes. No traces of lust, no hidden seduction, just sadness. You finally spoke, but you voice was coarse from laughter and crying. "Do you really hate me that much Jjongie?" This suprised me to no end. Me? Hate you? Never. Not even if I had a hundred reasons and willed it with all m might.

"What? N-no, I could never hate you Kibum. W-why would you even think that?!" I was at a loss. Your cute, adorable, pout was forming and brain could barely peice together a coharent sentence.

"Because... you left me for that girl, and just now after you broke up, you pushed me away? Why Jjongie?" I was about to give into you again, but images of you and Minho and Onew filled my head and I stopped. I'm not weak, I will not give in this time. I refuse to.

"First of all, that girl's name is Sekyung, and second of all, what do you mean left you?! As far as I can recall we were never together! Maybe you were too busy with Minho, or Onew, but we, were never, together!" I didn't mean to shout but I couldn't help it. My anger kept on rising and I couldn't stop it. But if I saw broken your face looks right now, I never would have, but I also didn't mean to let this slip. "We never even went that far, but as far as I know, you went all out with them." I mumbled it I'm sure you heard because you face made a dramatic change. It went from that pitiable sad gaze to that face I knew all too well. Your half lidded-eyes and that devillish smirl once again was plastered on your face. Crap.

"You were jealous?" Your tone may have meant it to be a question, but the way you got up and slowly sautered toward me told me otherwise. Your smirk only grew and as you sensually sat on my leg, our crotches just dangerously inches away. "Do you want to go all out with me too?" You minty breath lingering just above my collar bone, and cold sweat forming; I'm doomed. No, I need to fight back.

"Kibum, please sto-" You crashed your lips onto mine again, but this time without any chance for we to escape. You quickly tore off my shirt without breaking the kiss and I soon stop struggling. This... was not what I wanted... but awefully close. And dare I say, we did go... all out. And it was beautiful. A beautiful, sweaty, mess, but beautiful nonetheless.

After our tired panting ceased our euphoric high ended, we just layed there, staring at the blank white ceiling, pondering of what next, or at least I was. What does this mean? Am I back to being nothing but a little toy to him? But all of my worries vanished after what you said right then... before falling into a deep sleep. This is what I wanted. I finally got what I wanted.

"Jjongie... I know I've never said this but... I've always loved you...zzz"

extra random ending:
I smiled.... but then a few moments later I realized crap, my life has been totally controlled by him... must. get. revenge!

Ok you can just ignore that extra ending... I was kinda bored... but anyways this turned out to be a LOT longer than it was supposed to and i was THIS - close to making it a sad ending with Jonghyun rejecting Kibum in the end... that would have made it much shorter...... ah well, I'm content with the way this ended so please, COMMENT!!!! cause this took me like 3-4 hours...... -______-

He's Mine
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: He's Mine.
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: 2min broken!ontae broken!minkey
Genre: angst and a TINY ounce of gore
Summary: The grass is not greener on the other side; it's blood-red, but Taemin loves it all the more.

A/N: I just kinda felt like writing a fanfic randomly, but I didn't want to take like hours writing it like my other fics, so this ones is gonna be like a drabble... but knowing me it's gonna kinda drag out and fail at that... plus it turned out kinda weird. I mean it wasn't really what I was going for.... well, enjoy!!!!

P.S. This is all in Taemins POV directed toward Onew, ENJOY!!!

I hated you. I hated that smile that warmed all the noona's hearts

Because even though I was your boyfriend, it was never meant for me.

It was always directed toward my hyung, Kibum. You used me.

I always knew, but I didn't care, as long as you were by my side.

But then I saw him. Minho, Kibums boyfriend.

You were always jealous of him, but not by my welcoming affection for him, but his.

I hated you even more for that, but I didn't care. I wanted him.

It was my turn to use you.

I used you in every way possible. But he didn't even spare a glance at me.

I was mad, you were mad, it was time for you to go.

You finally broke up with me with a sorry face but I didn't care. You were worthless.

After you left I stuck to him like glue, I seduced him, I trapped him, I made him mine.

You were gone and Kibum didn't know, it was perfect, but not enough.

I wanted more, it wasn't enough. I wante-no, i needed all of his attention.

"There is only one way", he wispered in my ear. "If he were gone."

If my hyung were gone, we could be together. Me and him, perfection.

I agreed. I just wanted him so much. I didn't care what happened to Kibum,

He was mine.

"He's dead. Kibum's dead.", he tells me, "I killed him."

I saw blood-stains splattered on the floor, a broken corpse, unmoving.

You thought I would cry right then right? No. I wanted him.

And I got him.

I loved him all the more. He was mine. Finally mine.

And no one would ever break us apart.


Ok, so how was it? A fail drabble right? why can't I ever make like a five-lined story? WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME?! GAH! ah well, so yeah. Taemin sounds a LITTLE psychotic there right? in my opinion Minho's worse since he's the one that actually killed Kibum but oh well... I've always wanted to write a psychotic Taemin..................................................................... WOW, THAT doesn't sound healthy..... anyways, COMMENT!!!!!

3 Words (Sequel to Your Smile)
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: 3 Words (Sequel to Your Smile)
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: 2min!onesided minkey!broken jongkey
Genre: angst
Summary: 3 words that can fufill or destroy

A/N: okay, so SORRY for the REALLY late update.... i don't really have an excuse, just been lazy.... re-watching a korean drama... more specifically Goong (Princess Hours). SUCH. A. GOOD. DRAMA. but yeah, so..... enjoy?

p.s. I didn't proof-read this so there might be a LOT of grammatical and spelling errors, sorry. Hope you can cut me some slack considering i finished this at like 5 in the morning... thank GOD for vacation. Anyways, ENJOY!

p.p.s. This is a sequel to my previous entry called Your Smile. So i'm advising you should probably read that one before this... or else you might not understand it... i mean you still probably could, but... ANYWAYS, promise, this is the last time, ENJOY!!!
Your Smile:

Minho's POV

"Please I'm begging you. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Taeminnie. Please wake up. I'm nothing without you. Please." It's been 3 months already and you still haven't woken up. Everyday I come to this hospital and pray, begging God to wake you up from this coma. It's so empty. My life feels so empty. I thought I was already at rock bottom, at the lowest point my life could drag me down to after Kibum broke up with me, until that day.  That day where I truly felt that life was without meaning, without purpose. I can still remember it clearly, like a nightmare that will never stop, haunting me ever since.

I woke up and look at the clock. 4:13. So early... I could feel my eyes slowly closing and my head slowly shuting down to the promise of happy dreams until something caught my eye. A neatly folded piece of paper signed Taemin on top in his bubbly handwriting. I almost chuckled at the sight, but the eerie aura that surrounded it had dampened my spirits. How can a piece of paper... feel so sad? I reluctantly opened it, scared of what it may show, and as I read on, I had good reason to.

Dear Minho,
First of all, I wanted to say i'm sorry. I'm sorry for many things whether it be adding honey and milk to your ramen or your break-up with Kibum. I know these past weaks have been hard on you and that my conforting can only go so far. I really wish I could do something more, even if it meant breaking up Kibum and Jonghyun up so you guys could be together. But truthfully, that would kill me. Have you ever noticed Minho? How I was always there? How throughout your depression I was there? How even before with those little fight you had with him, I was always there, by your side ready with open arms? No. No, you haven't. Of course you knew, but have you ever wondered why? Did you think I was just Taemin, your lovely little maknae. No. I'm not as innocent as I was years ago. I grew up, against my own will, against ever fiber of my being. I just grew up. Do you want to know why I
was always there? Because I love you. No, not a hyung-dongseng kind of love, but the kind of love you have for Kibum. But you never noticed did you? I don't blame you though, because just like you, I'm blinded by love. Everyday I wake up the first thing that comes to mind is you. Are you ok? Did you eat breakfast already? Did you already leave for your next schedule? Are you at Suju-hyungs dorm? Always you. But now, I'm tired. I'm tired of caring for an empty shell. A hollow vessel that has eyes for no other person than Kibum. I tried Minho, I really tried to move on, but each time someone new came, I found myself compared their every little detail to yours, physically or personallity-wise. Truthfully I found better. I found people that were everything I could possibly ask for, but they were all missing one thing, they weren't you. I'm hopeless, but mostly, I'm worn out. I have no
energy to console myself let alone you. I think this where I end. Move on Minho. Move on and be happy with a new love, those are the only last word I can give you because, it is something I cannot do. You are etched into my heart and soul and I can't take it. This is goodbye.

Always loving you, Taemin

I dropped the note. I could feel tears rushing down my face, but I didn't care. My only light souce, my only reason for surviving this long is... gone. Why didn't you tell me Taemin?! Why did you leave me to suffer here alone?! I could hear the dropping sound of heart resonating through my ears. This can't be the end Taemin, I won't allow it.

I rushed out of our shared room with the members slamming the door, not caring if I had woken anybody up. My mind was consumed of only one person, one objective, getting Taemin. I was just about to storm out of the dorm when I saw the bathroom light on. Slowly I crept closer and closer to the blinding light, scared of what image it may illuminate. And as I pushed the door open, all the blood drained from my face, my worst nightmare had come true.

I was faced with a pale Taemin, floating in the bathtub. No. NO! I quickly ran over and lifted the ice cold body out of the water. My body shivered on contact. So cold. I wrapped the body in endless amounts of layers dailed up the ambulence. I'm not going to lose you Taemin, I will not lose you! They came with the sirens blaring loudly, waking up half the city, if only it would wake you up. You were rushed to the emergency room as I impatiently waited outside the door, begging, praying, hoping, you were still alive. You needed to be.

The second the doctor walked out of your room I blasted him with numerous questions, and he answered each one, with a solem look on his face. You were alive, but you were also unresponsive. Did you know Taemin? That drowning can lead to probmlems with brain functioning? I didn't, but I also didn't care. You were alive and that was all I needed.

End of Flashback

I was a fool Taemin, pathetic really. Just a month ago Kibum also broke up with Jonghyun and now he's with Onew. I was never that important; just another one of his past lovers, ones that can always be replaced. But now here I am, with you. I will stay by your side forever, but I'm lonely. I miss that angelic voice of yours, always calming and soothing all my worries. I miss that cute smile of yours, always lighting up my day and bringing real meaning into it. And most of all, I miss you laugh. That laugh that used to fill my fill the now gloomy atmosphere of our dorm. It was like a new kind of oxygen but for the ears, one I can't go without. But I'll wait, becuase I know that someday, someday you'll come back to me.

Another week passes and I'm here at you bedside again, filling you up on all the comming and goings, that is until I see your eyelids quivering. Maybe that was just my imagination. Right, just another halluci-Again. And again. Slowly but surely your doe-eyes open up and I'm staring face to face with that angelic face i've missed so much these past months. Your back Taemin, you're finally back. I could sense many people behind me, filing in to see you finally awake, but I paid no mind, my attention was completely focused on you.

We all waited till everything was silent again you were the first one to break it. Staring straight at me, I never knew how 3 words can have such a big affect on someone. 3 words that can complete someones life yet tear it completely down. I 'm guessing you can tell which one slipped out from your lips.

"Who are you?"

SO, how'd you like it? and YES, i know many of you will be disappointed with the ending but i just couldn't help it, I SO just didn't want to make a happy ending for it. I'm terrible, but I hoped you liked it. Considering the ending I was MAYBE thinking of making a sequel to THIS one, but i'm not sure. my vacations ending soon so I don't know when I'll have time to write it... anyways, COMMENT. HOPED U LIKED IT.

Your smile
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Your smile
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: 2min!onesided minkey!broken jongkey
Genre: angst
Summary: The unknown always hurts the most.

A/N: Ok so even though 2min is my ultimate bias, i realized i had YET to make a 2min fic! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! i mean i have only written 2 other ones but those are both jongkey... i felt obligated to cause of the uhh... problems *cough* sekyung *cough* I don't have anything against her, just i prefer jongkey... i mean they were practically MADE FOR EACH OTHE- ok i'm getting off topic. i do that a lot. ANYWAYS. 2min. first fanfic. YES.

Taemin POV.

"It's alright. You'll be okay. Don't worry. He still loves you. "  These are but a few words I have whispered in your ear this past hour. You came to me in near tears, eye's blood-shot, nose running, and face reddened from the sprint to our dorm. I know that look; you saw them, the famed jongkey couple. You cried endlessly into my shoulder, loud wails piercing the bare walls of the living room; your visible agony surrounding us in your ever-increasingly dark aura. The sight of you like this pains me, the fact that I can't do anything to help you pains me even more, but the shear knowing that you will never know my feelings... it breaks my heart.

You weren't always like this. You were happy once, radiating a glowing aura no matter what emotion you put out on camera. You were content, with him, Kibum. He was the first to talk to you in our trainee days, and he was the first to accept your quietness; but it was still he that first made you smile, and he to first make you laugh. Always him. You were satisfied with your life, and I was too; until the day, the day you asked him out and he agreed, that moment you risked all your pride and friendship on the line to be with the one you loved. And as soon as those words passed his lips, "yes" my world shattered. But that doesn't matter does it? Because your world was complete.

Days, months, years, passed and your happiness just continued to grow. But as more color enveloped your life, it was being sucked out of mine. Everyday I felt like I was in depression. Black and white blurs were the only thing i saw, except your smile. It was my shining light, my savior from the depths of my torn heart, but as soon as I realized the reason for your smiles, another tear was added. I was slowly but surely , breaking.

Then it came. I was so ready to give up on life that day, I had already written a suicide letter to you; which is now safely tucked in between my notebooks. But just as I was ready to jump off the terrace, I heard a door slam. I abandond my activity for just one more night and turned around, only to find a distraught bug-eyed beauty with thick tears streaming down your face. The sight nearly paralyzed me in shock. I had never seen you so distressed and I was about to ask what was wrong, but all thoughts were thrown out when I felt your long arms wrap around me in your warm embrace. Was I bad person to feel so elated even when i could feel your tears soaking me shirt?

After hours of continous crying you finally calm yourself enough to tell me, "He's g-gone." I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion, and you must have noticed because you patted my head and continued on; but your voice quivered, and your body held me tighter than before. "He l-left me Minnie. K-kibum left m-me... for Jonghy-yun." My eyes had widened and my mouth must have dropped. Fireworks were exploding rapidly in my head, but it all ceased as I looked back at your face, your terribly broken face. I tried to recollect myself before answering, I didn't want my happiness to seep through, you were broken enough.

"H-how? I mean just yesterday you guys were all lovely-dovey. Why would Kibum brea-" Your calloused hand clasped over my mouth, head drooped lower but I could clearly see the sparkle of new tears flowing down your cheeks.

"Don't s-say it Min-nnie. Please. J-just don't." We sat there silently, the only noise coming from a ticking clock and a few sniffles escaping your nose. It was a peaceful silence, but the dark atmosphere surrounding you never left,and led the night to be eerie, and distant. After a few minuets you were the first to speak up again, this time with your voice more stable. "He said that he still loved me, but he found this... new passion with Jonghyun, one he... never felt... with me..." More silence follwed, but this time there was not even an ouce of peacefulness. Just tense, oh so bitterly tense 

You finally looked up, staring straight into my eyes. I thought this was it, I had finally have a chance to win your heart, for it to be mine, all mine. But God had a different agenda and I couldn't help but let my face fall bit with the next words that slipped out of your mouth. "That means, his love for Jonghyun is different right? That it's just a new flame that's bound to burn out right? That, he still loves me right?" I was so tempted to say no. That Kibum loves Jonghyun and would never come back to you, but something inside me faltered and changed my answer .
"Yes. I'm sure he still loves you.... who wouldn't love you..." I didn't know if it was the completely strained look on your face or my inability to say no to you, but the long-awaighted smile that plastered on your face then made it worthfwhile, for but a few seconds.

Kibum and Jonghyun came home, smiles and laughter filling each cornor of the room, or at least their eyesight because they walking right past us, into their newly-shared room. Your face immediately dropped at tears automatically came pouring out. This lasted the whole night. No, I am not exaggerating. Continous moans that clearly echoed throughout the entire dorm left no room for your tears to stop, no room for your wounds to heal.

This cycle never ended. It's been months and here we are again. You crying here in my arms while I comfort you with sweet nothings only to temporarily mend you wounds and cut deeper ones into mine. I thought when you two ended I would have my chance for a happy ending. But that day never came. The closest I will ever be to you will be Minnie, your reliable best friend. I can't take this anymore. I have reache-no. I have already passed my breaking point long ago, surviving on only a sliver of hope that gets thinner and thinner with each passing day till now, it has finally snapped. I'm done.

After you had cried youself to sleep and I carefully lay you in your bed, I took out that piece of paper. That one that has been neatly folded, sitting in between forgotten pages of my notebook. I carefully placed it beside your bed, knowing you would undoubtedly first look there while shutting your alarm off. Silently creeping out the room, I slipped into the bathroom and turned on the bathtub faucet. I filled it just enough so once I was in, it woud still not overflow. Slowly I climbed in, memories of us filling my thoughts completely. I tried to think of the happier times, but it seemed so long ago, the radiant smiles that once possessed you now seemed like an oh-so distant memory. Why? Why even when I'm about to die, I can't even have the satisfaction of your false warmth in my thoughts. I layed back into the water and let my head drift underneath the water line. I could feel the water rushing in, clogging up my wind pipes, suffocating me till no end, pain caging my entire body relentlessly. Until finally, the unbearable pain ceased and I saw it. I saw that golden light shimmering around your face with your perfect smile, lighting my way to peace.

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I Do (song fic)
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: I Do (song fic)
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: jongkey key/OC
Genre: angst
Summary: Jonghyun feels the flame between them is gone

A/N: I'm uploading again, yay~
I got a pretty good response for my last fic and I had the urge to make a song fic.In my last one I made it in Key's POV so one will definitely be on Jjong's hope you guys like it~ again, it was supposed to be a very short drabble, but I just think I'm incapable  of doing anything short..... should work on that, oh well, enjoy~

OH! btw the song is called Trap by No Minwoo. The translation for the lyrics I found are kinda crappy, but I think you can get the meaning.
And here's a link to a youtube vid that plays the song with the correst english translation, hangul, and romanization subs:

Jonghyun POV.


I’m tired of your constant nagging. Your constant berating of questions. Always questioning my whereabouts. Don’t you trust me?


Over time I feel my love for you has grown cold. Is it time to let you go? I tell you the next day. By your unsurprised face, I can tell you felt it too. We’ve lost our flame.


You immediately move out to a friends place. We agree to stay on friendly terms because we know we don’t want to completely cut each other out of our lives.


After you leave I put all our photo’s, our honey-glazed memories into a box and put it in the attic. It’s time to forget you and move on.

Surprisingly, love that spreads as I erase it

A week passes and you introduce me to your new friend. He placed a smile on your lips that never seemed to disappear when he spoke; laughter always spilling out. Why is this hurting in my heart? He has moved on. I should be happy for him. Shouldn’t I?


 Like fate, eyes watch only one place
You touched my heart that used to be ice in front of the world

No matter where I go, I always end up seeing you there even if you don’t see me. Why? Oh right, because these were all the places we went when we were together. But it’s different now. I’m not standing next to you holding your waist. He is.


But each time, I never leave. I always just stand there, watching you from afar; my eyes never leaving you.  It’s amazing, even after we part, even if I’m not standing beside you, your smile seems to lighten my day. I thought the flame was gone. Why am I feeling so warm inside?

Sleeping deep inside of my heart you let me breathe
Coming deep inside of my memories you let my pain and sigh change to tears


It’s been a month since I broke up with you and honestly, I’m heartbroken. I wake up every morning expecting the smell of freshly made pancakes but after I call out your name, only silence followed. Why did I ever let you go? I feel tears flowing down my cheeks, but I pay no mind. Memories came rushing back to me, oh bittersweet memories.

Don’t leave me, I can’t let you go
Because of mixed fate, I lost your hand
I call your name in sadness everyday

I try calling you again and again but you seem to be too busy with your new friend. We finally make an appointment to meet again, alone. I wait at that café for hours but you don’t show up. Did you forget about me Kibum? Are you with your new friend, slowly forgetting everything about us?

You finally call me several hours later with a rushed apology. I almost want to scream at you, but you mentioned your sick grandmother and I calm down. You say maybe some other time. Yeah. When you’re not with him.

That day never comes and I lay wasted on my kitchen counter mumbling your name like a mantra. Why are you doing this to me?

Don’t love anyone else, I’m here
I go back to the day I met you several thousand times
Draw the day when I embrace you

            Everyday that passes I ask myself the same question. Why did I ever let you go? Memories of us never leave my mind. Our happy times, our sad times, all circling inside my head.

I decide to go visit the place where most of these memories took place, the park. I lie on the grass, thinking about… you. Your smile, your smell, your touches, and your kisses, but what I miss the most would always be your hugs. The warmness that always surrounded me will never be replaced. You will never be replaced.

Like fate, I meet you again on this day
The words I could not say and was clogged like dust

The sky starts to get dark and I feel like I should go home, but a dark figure resting by my side stops me. Kibum. When did you get here?

I stare at you, wanting to memorize each nook and cranny that carved your features. It was beautiful dream I didn’t want to wake up from. Your eyes slowly open and we just lay there on our sides for a while; our eyes boring holes in each others faces.

You finally whisper to me your thoughts. About us. You say you can never forget me and no matter how much he makes you laugh, I always stay constantly on your mind. My entire body freezes. I feel like I’m on cloud nine, only I’m there with you, by my side.

You ask me if I feel the same way and I guess I was so overjoyed I forgot to respond. You start walking away, again. I can’t let you go a second time; my heart won’t allow me to. I easily catch up to you and spin you around crashing our lips against each others. As I pull away I rest my head up against yours and say,

“I do”


So.... how was it? yeah I know, ME, write a HAPPY ending? I know I love angst but I still want them to be together... and I'm sure there's enough angst in here to cover up the fact that it's a happy ending... don't you think? Make sure you comment! I REEAAALLY want to know your opinions on it!!! XD

Wasn't Enough
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Wasn't Enough
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: jongkey jonghyun/sekyung
Genre: angst
Summary: Kibums love just wan't enough

A/N: Ok so I know i don't post a lot... or at all, but i felt in the mood.... and i want to dedicate this to my friend who just LOVES angst. Haha, I'm kidding, she hates it, but I feel obligated to make her read them so HERE YA GO! btw, this was supposed to be a very short drabble but i have this HORRIBLE habit of dragging things out so... yeah. COMMENT!!!!!

Key POV.


I can’t take this anymore. He’s gone. He finally... left me. My heart, it hurts. So much. So, so much.


Kibum was standing outside a quaint little café. He was on his way home when he heard a familiar laughter ring through his ears. He knew who owned that melodic voice. The same man who owned his heart. Jonghyun. But that wasn’t the only laughter he heard.


Am I too late? Has he already found someone? Of course he has. It’s her.


No one spotted Kibum. Even when it started raining, the poor drenched boy lay unnoticed by the happy couple. He stood there for seconds but to him it felt like hours. Hours that he was not on Jonghyuns mind, not even in his life. He started crying to himself, wishing for it not to be real. His mind pieced together who the girl was.


Long hair, long legged beauty. His pinpointed ideal type. Shin Sekyung. I’m nothing compared to her.


After minuets of agonizing thoughts, he finally pulled himself together to walk back to the dorm, or tried to. He stopped in the middle of a bridge. Looking over the edge he came to a conclusion. He was gonna call him. He was going to find out the truth… no matter how much it hurt him.


I at least deserve to know the truth right? To know if Jonghyun is really happy with… her, right?


He called him. And after only a few rings, he heard a familiar “Yeobuseyo?” Putting on his most cheerful voice he answered,


“Hey Jjong, it’s Key.”


That’s it Kibum. Don’t show him how much you’re hurting. Don’t let him hear how bad he is breaking my heart.


“Hey Key, what’s up?”


“Nothing much, just wondering what you’re doing.”


“Oh, well I’m on a date with Sekyung!”




“Really? You guys started dating?”


“Yeah. She’s so funny, and nice, she’s just amazing!”




“That’s great. So… you must really like h-her then?”


Please no. I’m begging. Please no!


“Yeah. I can just picture myself growing old with her.” Crack. “She’s just one of a kind I don’t think I would want to ever let go.” Crack. “I’ve… never felt this way about someone before, I guess maybe,” No. Please don’t say it. Anything but that! Anything! “I just think I’m maybe…” NO! “… in love.” Break. “… Kibum?”


Kibum’s entire body felt numb. He couldn’t feel anything but the pain engulfing his heart. Not the rain pelting down on him. Not the winter cold biting away at his poorly covered body. Nothing.




He could only vaguely hear Jonghyun calling him. Everything felt so distant. So calm. So unreal. The people passing him were nothing but a blur.


“Kibum? You still there?”


“I’m here. Just a little, distracted. I have to go now, but… I’m h-happy for you Jonghyun. You deserve to be happy…”


“Thanks Kibum! That means a lot coming from you! Oh well I should probably get back to Sekyung now, bye!”


“Goodbye Jonghyun…” Forever.


A sharp pain came over Jonghyun just after he hung up. He didn’t know what happened, but all he felt was a seething pain enveloping his heart. Luckily though, it only lasted a second… for both of them.


Just as Jonghyun hung up, Kibum let his body fall over the edge of the bridge.


I loved you the most Jonghyun. But I guess my love wasn’t good enough.


So how was it? Did anyone cry? Hope not.... maybe.

... not worthy
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: 2min onew/key/jonghyun jonghyun/sekyung
Genre: humor i guess......?
Summary: Taemin is the prince in his school. The entire school (boys/girls/TEACHERS?!) loves him. He has perfect grades, perfect face, perfect personality, BEST dance moves, but what happens when someone new transferes in, Choi Minho. Has Taemin finally met his match? (Sorry that it's so cheesy, it's my first one so i'm kinda just warming up with this one...)

Taemin POV
As I walked down the hall I could feel all eyes on me, and I have to say, I like it~<3 Ever since high school, I grew taller, schoolwork became a breeze to me, and my dancing has REALLY improved. Everybody practically worships the ground I walk on! I know I may sound conceited, but what do you expect after being the "golden boy" for 2 years now? I'm a sophmore and I've already been asked out by several seniors, girls AND guys. None of them have lasted more than a couple of weeks, but thats just because every single person I went out with were just so... so... STUPID!! I know i'm setting my standards to high, but if they can't match it, they're definitely not even worth it.
     As I sat down in my seat behing Jonghyun, my BEST bud, something felt off. I looked in around and saw the girls giggling and the guys talking about porn, nothing SEEMED different. I poked Jonghyuns's back to get his attention and he turns around smiling like a goof. "Is it just me, or does something seem different?" I asked still looking around.
End of POV

"Hmm? Yeah, sure.. "

"Are you even listening to me?" The dancer slaps the back of the singers head.

"HEY! What was that for?!"

"You weren't listening to a word I was saying! How else would I have gotten your attention?! Anyways why are you so out of it anyways?" Just then the singer eyes started to gleam.

"She said yes!" He started convulsing in his seat out of pure bliss.

"Sekyung finally said yes huh. Congrats." Jonghyun stopped convulsing and stared at his best friend in disbelief.

"Really Taemin? Thats how you react when your best friend gets the girl of his dreams? I can't wait to see your reaction to when I get married."

"Well sorry, but you get a new girl of you dreams every week. I don't think I should even bother with faking the excitement anymore." The dancer shrugged his shoulders and the singer faked gasped.(p?)

"Hey! They were all really important to me. Just not as much as I thought." Jonghyun lifted his head up with satisfaction of his answer.



"Then tell me who's Jessica."


"I'm waiting."

"My first love?"


"The girl from the bakery?"


"The girl at that club?"

 The singer threw up his hands in defeat.

"How the hell am I supposed to remember every face I fall for?! I'm not a freakin magician! And maybe I wanted to forget her anyways! Ever thought about that! She could have been a freakin rapist for all I remember!!" The singer bangs his head down on the dancers desk and the dancer just shakes his head.

"She was your girl of your dreams last week and just so happens to sit in front of you." Jonghyuns head slowely rises and turns around to face the angry face of Jessica. He laughs akwardly and before he could get a word in edge-wise, she stands up and knee's him in the groin. "Oh and did I forget to mention that she took martial arts for 2 years?" Bu I as much as Joghyun wanted to punch the maknae right then, he was to busy lying on the ground, wincing in a feetle position. A few minuets later when Jonghyun was back in his seat glaring at Taemin, the teacher came in and class became silent. Suddenly a tall, handsome figure passed through the doorway earning several wide-eyes and gasps. When the figure spoke, outcame a deep baritone voice as sweet as melted chocolate.

"Annyaseyo. Naega Minho. Choi Minho." The whole class(even the teacher), were mesmerized by the charisma that seemed to be pouring out of Minho and just stared at him, some with drool dripping out, but the only thing, or person Minho had his eyes on was Taemin. And for a while, Taemin was caught up in an intense staring contest with the most round chocolately orbs he's ever saw.

After a few minuetes, the intense silence was broken by the morning bell and everyone stumbled to their first classes including Taemin. Minho on the other hand was called to stay after so he could receive his scheduele and tour of the school. And just as Taemin was about to pass him, he gently but firmly grabbed the maknae's arm and leaned in so close his mouth was practically caressing the younger's ears and whispered, " Enjoy it while it last Taeminnie, because your reign will soon be over." Taemin looked up and his hyung dumbfounded only to see a smirk plastered on his face. And before he could say one word to the newcomer, Minho spun around to face the teacher and in the most alluring yet eerie voice Taemin has ever heard he asked, "Mr. Kim, could I by any chance get my tour from Taeminnie?" He extended the maknae's nickname with yet another smirk which for some reason caused his face to fo red. The teacher of course agreed and Taemin was left being dragged out by what he thought to be a lifesize Ken Keroro doll.

Sorry it kinda stinx!!! >w<
I was actually planning on this being a one-shot but of course I have a habit of dragging things out... -__-
Oh well, I hope you like it and if I get a good response I'll try to continue with it!!! ^o^