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... not worthy
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: 2min onew/key/jonghyun jonghyun/sekyung
Genre: humor i guess......?
Summary: Taemin is the prince in his school. The entire school (boys/girls/TEACHERS?!) loves him. He has perfect grades, perfect face, perfect personality, BEST dance moves, but what happens when someone new transferes in, Choi Minho. Has Taemin finally met his match? (Sorry that it's so cheesy, it's my first one so i'm kinda just warming up with this one...)

Taemin POV
As I walked down the hall I could feel all eyes on me, and I have to say, I like it~<3 Ever since high school, I grew taller, schoolwork became a breeze to me, and my dancing has REALLY improved. Everybody practically worships the ground I walk on! I know I may sound conceited, but what do you expect after being the "golden boy" for 2 years now? I'm a sophmore and I've already been asked out by several seniors, girls AND guys. None of them have lasted more than a couple of weeks, but thats just because every single person I went out with were just so... so... STUPID!! I know i'm setting my standards to high, but if they can't match it, they're definitely not even worth it.
     As I sat down in my seat behing Jonghyun, my BEST bud, something felt off. I looked in around and saw the girls giggling and the guys talking about porn, nothing SEEMED different. I poked Jonghyuns's back to get his attention and he turns around smiling like a goof. "Is it just me, or does something seem different?" I asked still looking around.
End of POV

"Hmm? Yeah, sure.. "

"Are you even listening to me?" The dancer slaps the back of the singers head.

"HEY! What was that for?!"

"You weren't listening to a word I was saying! How else would I have gotten your attention?! Anyways why are you so out of it anyways?" Just then the singer eyes started to gleam.

"She said yes!" He started convulsing in his seat out of pure bliss.

"Sekyung finally said yes huh. Congrats." Jonghyun stopped convulsing and stared at his best friend in disbelief.

"Really Taemin? Thats how you react when your best friend gets the girl of his dreams? I can't wait to see your reaction to when I get married."

"Well sorry, but you get a new girl of you dreams every week. I don't think I should even bother with faking the excitement anymore." The dancer shrugged his shoulders and the singer faked gasped.(p?)

"Hey! They were all really important to me. Just not as much as I thought." Jonghyun lifted his head up with satisfaction of his answer.



"Then tell me who's Jessica."


"I'm waiting."

"My first love?"


"The girl from the bakery?"


"The girl at that club?"

 The singer threw up his hands in defeat.

"How the hell am I supposed to remember every face I fall for?! I'm not a freakin magician! And maybe I wanted to forget her anyways! Ever thought about that! She could have been a freakin rapist for all I remember!!" The singer bangs his head down on the dancers desk and the dancer just shakes his head.

"She was your girl of your dreams last week and just so happens to sit in front of you." Jonghyuns head slowely rises and turns around to face the angry face of Jessica. He laughs akwardly and before he could get a word in edge-wise, she stands up and knee's him in the groin. "Oh and did I forget to mention that she took martial arts for 2 years?" Bu I as much as Joghyun wanted to punch the maknae right then, he was to busy lying on the ground, wincing in a feetle position. A few minuets later when Jonghyun was back in his seat glaring at Taemin, the teacher came in and class became silent. Suddenly a tall, handsome figure passed through the doorway earning several wide-eyes and gasps. When the figure spoke, outcame a deep baritone voice as sweet as melted chocolate.

"Annyaseyo. Naega Minho. Choi Minho." The whole class(even the teacher), were mesmerized by the charisma that seemed to be pouring out of Minho and just stared at him, some with drool dripping out, but the only thing, or person Minho had his eyes on was Taemin. And for a while, Taemin was caught up in an intense staring contest with the most round chocolately orbs he's ever saw.

After a few minuetes, the intense silence was broken by the morning bell and everyone stumbled to their first classes including Taemin. Minho on the other hand was called to stay after so he could receive his scheduele and tour of the school. And just as Taemin was about to pass him, he gently but firmly grabbed the maknae's arm and leaned in so close his mouth was practically caressing the younger's ears and whispered, " Enjoy it while it last Taeminnie, because your reign will soon be over." Taemin looked up and his hyung dumbfounded only to see a smirk plastered on his face. And before he could say one word to the newcomer, Minho spun around to face the teacher and in the most alluring yet eerie voice Taemin has ever heard he asked, "Mr. Kim, could I by any chance get my tour from Taeminnie?" He extended the maknae's nickname with yet another smirk which for some reason caused his face to fo red. The teacher of course agreed and Taemin was left being dragged out by what he thought to be a lifesize Ken Keroro doll.

Sorry it kinda stinx!!! >w<
I was actually planning on this being a one-shot but of course I have a habit of dragging things out... -__-
Oh well, I hope you like it and if I get a good response I'll try to continue with it!!! ^o^

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ohh It's interesting more more
what did Minho mean with that words????
I'm waiting for next chapter, I hope I can read more (^_^)

thanx! that was my first fanfic so i was kinda nervous.... and i just love it when minho teases taemin so i'm sure thats gonna happen a lot! ^w^~<3

I really like your story! It's so interesting!
Taemin and Minho must be the most beautiful students
I want to see their love-hate relationship keke

Ah~ I can't wait for the next chapter ^___^

i like the start of this,,kekeke seems like Minho is up to something and the lifesized KEN keroro doll cracks me up,,kekeke,,can't wait for the update,,nice fic


Wow this is awsome... Please continue.... It's so so intriguing...

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