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FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Insanity is just a state of mind. One where there are no limits, no barriers to hold us back. It is what one would call true freedom. But like in every society, this freedom is repressed. It is viewed as a sin, a disorder, an unatural occurence. Well I am here to say they are wrong, completely wrong. It is not a sin, a disorder, an unatural occurence. It is beauty, freedom, it is life worth living at the edge. Yet so few venture out this far. Why? Why are there so few who see the true gift god has bestowed on us? Because they are caged, caged by the ways of the restricted. It is not their fault, no ones really. And it is my job to make them realize their true potential, potential of the unknown and wild. I will make them realize because I am the missionary of true free will, and no one will stop me. Insanity isn't a curse, no, it is a gift.

I wrote this about a year ago... insane right? I just felt like writing soemthing insane at the time I guess... hmm, I should do this more often, just rant about nonsense.