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FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Title: Oxygen
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg (character death)
Pairings: 2min side!taestal
Genre: angst,
Summary: Humans need oxygen because without it, without it, they are nothing.

A/N: AH! It's been like what, 3-4 months since I've written anything? I think I'm getting worse...
Btw, this is based off a tumblr post that my friend sent me. It had me squeeling for a goof half hour~

I need… I need oxygen. I’m still human. I want to breathe, I want to live. I want to live with you, Taemin-ah. With you.

Do you remember the first time we met? You were so small and shy hiding behind your mothers legs. Can you guess what my first thought was when I met you? Cute. Your round little deer eyes shimmed as your blonde hair swayed in the breeze, but wait, I don’t remember there being a breeze that day. Hmm… As the grown ups drank tea in the living room, you were all too eager dragging me up to your room to play with your dol-no action figures. Sorry.

Ever since then we were inseparable. We’d walk home together, play video games together, even just lie around and do nothing together. Even when we got to high school our routine barely changed. We had pretty separate lives at school, but at the end of the day, we’d always be lying on my bed staring up at the ceiling just feeling so… relaxed. School was hard but whenever I was with you I would feel calm, free, I could breathe.

But then you had to go and get yourself a little girlfriend. She was pretty, petite, perfect. She disgusted me. Every time I would see you two holding hands in the hallway or just laughing carefree and happy, it would break me. It would wring my heart like it was but a dirty old rag nothing better for than wiping the tables down at a rundown restaurant. So then I took up smoking.

It was your fault. It was your fault for making me like this. One cigarette a week turned into one cigarette a day. One a day turned into a pack a day. By senior year, I was at six packs a day. I could not be stopped, not even when positive results came back on a lung cancer test. But do you know what hurt the most? You didn’t even notice. I could barely breathe, I could barely stand up straight, I was dying and you didn’t even notice.

Eventually I couldn’t even go to school, I was so sick. The only thing that kept me alive was a machine, well no, it was hope. I still had hope. Maybe, just maybe you’d notice me again. You’d come back to me side again. You’d let me breathe again, but as weeks went by, that hope withered to nothingness. I wanted to give up. I was tired, in pain, but then you came.

As soon as you came through the door I could breathe again. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t in pain, I was just happy. You walked in with a sad look on your face and a sputtering mess of apologies. I thought it was adorable. You were still so adorable. It had been so long since I had last smiled. It felt good. At that moment with you by my side I felt I could do it. I could overcome the cancer if it meant being with you again.

Over the course of a few weeks, I made great improvements in my health, not enough to be rid of cancer of course, but I was much better. That is until that afternoon when you came to visit me on the last day of school. I could tell something was wrong right away. You hadn’t looked like that since the first day you came.

“What’s wrong Taemin-ah?” You were fidgeting, shifting back and forth between your feet.

“I have some news.” You kept on looking around the room, anywhere but my eyes. My heart was pounding against my chest. What could it be to make you like this?

“… What is it?” I asked. I asked, but by all means I didn’t want to know.

“You know that… I’ve been with Krystal for the past 3 years right?” I nodded slowly. Could it be? Could you have finally broken up with her? No. No you couldn’t have. Just yesterday you were happily on a date.

“Well… we-“ You took a deep breath. It was shaky, but then again, with the way your body was shaking, it was no surprise. “We’vedecidedtomovetoAmericawithherparents.” You shot your head up, eyes staring straight at me. My face… my face remained neutral.

“… What?”

“I said,” Another deep breath. “We’vedecidedtomovetoAmericawithherparents.”

“… What?”

“Minho stop it! I know you heard me!” I heard you all right. Years of growing up with you trained my ears for your word-jumbling. It was shock, pure shock. Even then though, I know my face stayed the same.

There were no watery eyes coming from me. No rushing tears streaming down my face like a waterfall soaking my clothes. None. Cause if there were, you would be wrapped around me patting my back. I would be crying into your shoulder, begging you not to leave me. And I would hear my lungs deflate against my shattered heart. But none of that happened because I am Minho. I am a mans man, a loyal best friend, and a lung cancer patient with no left over energy for emotion, let alone tears. Hah, yeah right.

The next day you came back in to say goodbye to your childhood friend Minho. Instead, you came in and found an empty cot with a picture on it. It was a picture of you on the tallest branch of a tree, smiling your goofy, 13-year old smile. You didn’t even know I took this picture. And on the back was a little note. A farewell message if you will.

Taemin-ah, I wish you well.

I’m sorry I couldn’t send you off. I’m a selfish person I know. It’s just… I’m human. And humans need oxygen. They can’t live without it. They would wither and die. And you Taemin-ah, you are my oxygen. You let me breathe. You let me live. But now, you are someone elses oxygen. There’s not enough room for me anymore, but don’t feel bad. I lived a wonderful life thanks to you. It’s someone elses turn now. And I hope you know, I will always be watching you.


But seriously though, I haven't been feeling all that well about my writing recently so it's an understatement when I tell you COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!

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I'm gonna kill you if you don't make a seQuel of this!! >8(
KIDDINg!! I just want Taemin to regret moving with that bitch to America! I feel sorry for Minho! T.T

I wasn't planning on making a sequel when I wrote it but maybe... I wouldn't mind Taemin groveling a bit. Serves him right for abandoning Minho... -x-
And thanks for reading and commenting!!! ^.^

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