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46 Days
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Title: 46 Days
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 2min side!minyul side!character death?
Genre: angst(as usual) and some smut~
Summary: 46 days was all Taemin needed to get what he wanted. No regrets.

A/N: So I know I haven't written in a while, sorry~ It's been a pretty hectic year, but hey! I finally wrote one! YAY~ Well I hope you like it, took me a few hours...

Day 3

Creeping into our shared room, I could hear his gentle snores across the room. His silhouette lay on his bed, barely noticeable. Eyes closed with a soft smile that graced his lips, he looked like an angel, an angle that was surrounded by the darkness of our room.

As I slid into my covers, I dared not to make a sound for it would wake the sleeping beauty, my sleeping beauty. A peaceful silence besides the soft pitter-patter of left over rain accompanied my longing gazes for him. For hours on end I would continue to stare at his calm slumber.

Such moments like these are fleeting and yet, such moments like these I cherish.

Day 7

The shutting of the door can be heard, but that is not the sound that catches my attention. It is a sound that is forever locked in my head, laughter, his laughter, and anothers. So unlike his, it is high pitch, feminine; completely contrasting from his low baritone voice. I hate it. It’s unnatural, foreign, it doesn’t belong, but he doesn’t seem to notice it.

I finally look over the book I was reading, only to see his lips upon hers and his hands tangled into her raven locks. My stomach churns on sight.  Why is it always her? Why are her lips always the one that moans out his name, Minho, in sin? Why are her hands always the one that rakes over his chest showering his body with red marks? Why is her body always the one that seems to be pressed against his in feverish need? Why?

He never answers my questions, but maybe next time, I should ask. And maybe, just maybe, the answer won’t hurt as much.

Day 4

It was my birthday. I had just turned the legal drinking age and he was all too excited to bring his favorite dongsaeng to a bar. Shouldn’t he have been worried? Couldn’t he have been worried? I guess it was too much to ask of him.

I was happy at first. I was in his world now, one which I had been locked out of for 2 years. But then it happened.

He met a girl. I drank. He kissed that girl. I drank more. He pushed her against the wall and invaded her mouth with his hands, enthusiastically reaching for any patch of skin it could get. I drank even more, but no matter how much I drank, I never stopped feeling the pain that gnawed at my heart.

We both ended up with a terrible hangover the next day, but how the day panned out was completely different. When he woke up, he saw a gorgeous naked girl in his arms. When I woke up, I saw a gorgeous naked man staring lovingly at the gorgeous naked girl in his arms. When he got up, he had a gorgeous new girlfriend to help him get over his hangover. When I got up, I had the cold floor smack against my head to help me get over my hangover.

We’re always so close, and yet never near. Is it my fault? Is it his fault? Does it even matter?

Day 37

It was already a month since he met her. Why was she still here? No one was supposed to stay this long, no one. What made her so special? Was it the way she blushed when Minho whispers sweet nothings in her ear? Was it the way she giggled when his hands roamed, tickling her sides? Please, someone, tell me. I could do those things.

I could do anything for him to even glance at me. I didn’t sleep that night.

Day 42

“I’m sorry to inform you that Ms. Kwon has passed away. She was found in the Han River under Banpo Bridge… I’m sorry for your loss.” A police officer by the name of Jinki stood in front of our door with a solemn face. He looked like he was the one with the dead girlfriend, but I could care less. My gaze never shifted away from Minho.

Tears threaten to run down his porcelain face. White, his face was so white, so pale with sadness, and yet his eyes showed none of this sort. They were empty, not sad, not confused, not angry, but empty. Had he loved her that much? Had her place in his heart really carried so much weight?

“… T-thank you for your time officer.” He gently closed the door, like he would handle a baby, so precious, and so fragile. He seemed too fragile. We stood like that, in front of the door, unmoving. The only sounds were his soft whimpers to stifle his tears.

“It’s alright.” I said. “You can get through this.” I said. “We can get through this.” I whispered into his ear. A waterfall emerged from his eyes, soaking his shirt and soaking my shirt as he slung onto me, head buried in my shoulder. His arms tightening around my with every sob and it felt… so right.

“She was s-so young, so much ah-head, and now s-she nothing b-but a body under a bridge.” His sobs grew louder as did his rambling as I guided him to the couch. I did what any good friend would do. I sat there patting his head, and drawing nonsensical circles on his back. We sat like that for hours till eventually he calmed down.

Quiet. It was so very quiet. His body had stopped shaking, but head still rested on my shoulder. I could feel his breath gliding over my collar bones and I had to stop my self from shivering.

“Yuri.” He whispered while his lips latched onto my neck. “Yuri.” He whispered again, but what did I hear in there, desperation, need? His mouth slowly inching upward as his warm breath made my skin crawl. His hands slipped under my shirt, lifting it over my head till my chest was bare. His lips immediately attached back onto my neck, nibbling and that tongue! “Oh, Yuri!” He kept repeated her name again and again as if it were a mantra, a spell to bring her back. My heart hurt, but my skin was burning and that was all that mattered. Everywhere his fingers went, they left a path of pure fire and heat.

His sinful tongue traveled lower and lower with his hands fumbling to pull down my pants. My hands were already entangled in his hair and his name escaped my mouth continuously through breathy moans. I looked down only to miraculously see him exempt from all his clothes, all of them. My boxers were by that time already discarded and his mouth was near inches away from my length. So close. So, so close. And then the burning fire suddenly stopped.

Before I could react, his lips found its way onto mine, rough tugging and biting. A metallic taste surfaced between our battle of the tongues, but we paid no mind. His tongue was a pioneer, exploring every last nook and crevice in my mouth. He tasted like mints, mints and… longing, a longing that can never be fulfilled.

It felt like heaven, but apparently he was done with foreplay. I was flipped over with my chin resting on the armrest and my butt high in the air. There was no wait, no warning, just blinding hot pain that ripped through me. It felt like I was being sawed in half. He pounded hard, relentlessly without any restraint, I wanted to cry, it hurt so much, but I won’t. It isn’t even me who he was making love to.

It got better. The pain dulled and turned into pure pleasure, pure bliss. Our moans resonated off the walls along with waves of never-ending ecstasy. His rhythm got faster and faster till there was no discernible beat, only the thought of more lay constant in our minds. I was so close, he was so close. He came, riding me harder than ever before, and then he stopped. Pulling out, he dazedly sauntered to the bedroom, almost narrowly missing as he plopped onto the bed.

I was left on the couch to finish myself off alone, imagining him all too vividly.

Day 0

“I love you.” We were barely watching some random variety show. It has been on my mind for years, ever since we moved in together. Your smiling face never left my mind. There was only you in there, no one else.

“W-hat?” You face me, eyes clouded in confusion. They had always been the most expressive part of your face.

“I said I love you.” My face showed a mask of indifference even though inside, my heart rapidly pounded through my ribcage. I turned back toward to the tv, turning the volume down. I faced back toward him with a small smile gracing my lips. “My birthday is in 4 days. I hope you got a good present.” He stared back at me, wide-eyed.

It was a mistake to tell him. I knew it was a mistake, but it was too late.

Day 41

She’s beautiful, smart, everything he has ever wanted. With her there, I never stood a change. Working long hours everyday, she was organized and meticulous. Same schedule everyday, to walk past that bridge, the coffee shop, that bridge, that bakery, that bridge. Without her in the picture, I could have had a chance. If only she weren’t in the picture…

“Hello Yuri…”

Day 45

I was dying. I couldn’t live without him. Everyday I woke to see his empty bed beside mine and it killed me. He was my oxygen and he left me. He left me not because he didn’t love me. No, but because he didn’t know he loved me, but I did, and that scared him. It was fine. I just wanted him back. I want him back by my side and to never leave again. Was that so hard? Was it really so incredibly hard to stay with me? No, because he love me.

He may have been living somewhere else, but his life was still the same. I still saw him in class, talking with his other friends. He was mine, always mine. I followed him back to his new apartment and swiftly knocked him out. I’m sorry I had to do that. I’m sorry I had to hurt such a wonderful being, but it had to be done.

I took him back home, back where he belonged.

Day 43

I was still dreaming. It was a wonderful, beautiful dream of last night, but I was woken up with a rough slap. As I opened my eyes, all I saw were his eyes, and they were angry, so very angry. “You whore! Get up you filthy, stupid whore!” His words were as lethal as daggers to my heart. His pulled me up by my hair and watched me as I squirmed. “Is that how it is Taemin? You act like a sweet little kid until you find the right moment and take advantage of people. You sicken me.” He threw me across the room, letting my body crash against the wall. “I’m moving out. I can’t stand to be near you for even a second.” He slams the door shut and I sink to the ground, drowning all my senses in my tears.

He’s gone. He’s left me for good. I could never have him.

Day 46

His eyes fluttered open, still drowsy from his long, forced nap. He tried to rub his eyes and get the sandmans left-overs, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t move his arms; he couldn’t move his legs also. Could he scream too? No. Why? Why couldn’t he move, or even scream? Me. I tied him down with several restraints, binding his legs and arms to the bed. Duct tape was placed over his mouth with a messy marker outline of his lips.

He is so beautiful lying there, fright reflecting in his eyes. I sit on his bed crouching over him, a smile indiscreetly placed on my mouth. Caressing his check lightly, he tries to break free, but to his dismay, I am no fool. Now he can’t ever leave me. Now he will stay be my side and never, ever, leave. He’s trapped, with no way out.


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Taemin's fucking insane,
but its put of love right?

yes, Taemin's completely insane,
but honestly, who wouldn't be with minho<3
thanx for commenting!

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