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It Wasn't Supposed to Happen
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Title: It Wasn't Supposed to Happen
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13 (
2min, minkey, minor jongkey,
Genre: angst
The hubris has an everlasting effect on anyone.

A/N: i know i haven't been updating recently, i'm sorry. school's been hell and i'm a grade A procrastinator...
i actually finished this yesterday, but i asked one of my friends to beta it and that took a while... so now i'm done~


Minho's POV (he's basically all talking to taemin)

I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. Please, just let him go. I’ll... do whatever you want.

Such simple words, so why could I not say them? I’m a coward –a black hole that sucks all the color and meaning out of life, out of you. I never meant for this to happen, but that doesn’t matter now, does it? It’s too late.

Months ago, when my life wasn’t without color, it wasn’t with color either. It was pale beige, tinted enough to mask the neutrality, the grayness that it really was. I would like to say that I was a normal boy just starting my second year of high school, but no. I was nearly the farthest thing from it. I never told you this, but I was friends with the heir of the strongest Korean mafia clan, Key. He may have looked feminine, motherly almost, but that was only a mask; a mask for the devil that lay boiling beneath.

And I craved it.

I had been friends with him since last year that started from a mutual friend of Jonghyun who was on my soccer team. We instantly hit it off from our tendency to tease him, relentlessly. I had always thought that they would end up together; I even knew Jonghyun had a thing for him, but I was wrong. Somewhere along the line Key… he became infatuated with me, and yet, I never noticed. Or he never did. I never noticed the prolonged stares in my direction or his touches that lasted just second to long. I never noticed, but Jonghyun did.

Things didn’t really change –it was almost like he admitted defeat, even gave us his blessings, but then you came along and my whole world… no, the entire school’s whole world shifted You were perfect.

 You were so cute; like an innocent bunny that needed to be cared for, and I guess that’s why Key took you under his wing. He cared for you, pampered you… you were his one soft spot, but he wasn’t the only one. The instant I met you, you blew me away. It wasn’t love at first sight, but the getting to know you part. You were so trusting of the good in people, always so optimistic that everyone will do the right thing. You poor little bunny. You made me want to become a better person, for you.

I fell for you, hard. And I didn’t care if anyone got in the way, I was going to have you. At one point I even borrowed some “help” from Key’s men to “eliminate” the competition, I even had them kidnap you so I could rescue you and look like the night in shining armor. The look on his face, struggling to say yes… And it worked. We started dating and it made me the happiest man, but also, the most oblivious.

I didn’t notice Key’s glistening eyes when he saw us. Or did I?

I didn’t notice Jonghyun glaring blatantly at us.  

I didn’t even notice the light bruises that covered your delicate body. One doesn’t need to see, to do.

I just… didn’t notice.

It wasn’t until you went missing and a note was left on my door that I opened my eyes. They still weren’t fully open though, I still had a long way to go. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Dear Minho,

      You are most selfish piece of shit I have ever met. I trusted you, but ever since that goddamn kid came, you’ve been nothing but an ignorant asshole. I honestly hope you rot in hell, but I’m too damn impatient, so I’m going to take matters into my own hands. If you want to see that slimy little slut ever again, meet me at the abandoned library outside of town at 9. Come, or he’s dead.


The Fool You Screwed Over

I couldn’t believe it. The only name that popped into my head was Key. He was the only one with enough resources to kidnap anyone, but I felt like there was something missing to the puzzle; a key ingredient that I missed. Memory is always a sacrifice to excitement.


It was now 9 and I was staring at the rusted doors that still shining in the remains of the sunset. Why am I here? I am a natural-born coward, but I’m also selfish. You were mine, and I wasn’t about to let that cat-eyed she-devil ruin this for me. Such a beautiful she-devil.

I pushed the door open and it screeched with age and disuse. I could see a single light in the distance and it seemed to beckon me with its eerie incandescence. I took slow, careful steps in and, all too soon, stereotypical blackness engulfed me. Finally.


I woke up to find myself kneeling with my head drooping and two men holding my shoulders down, my hands handcuffed behind my back. I knew something like this would happen but when I looked up, all of my prepared speeches were lost. They were shredded into pieces of scrap, to be forever forgotten in the back of my mind. Amazing.

It was you, stripped down to your flesh and chained to the ground by a collar, like some kind of animal. Your porcelain skin was replaced with an endless sea of violet and crimson. Your hair, once perfect, was now disheveled and dirty, your eyes were bloodshot, but with no color; they were dead now, just like your soul. You were just laying there, lifeless, staring straight at me but not seeing me. They saw nothing; they just stared forever reliving memories –memories of brutal torture and rape, memories that no one would ever be able to mend. My innocent Taemin was no more. Beauty always comes with a price.

My eyes were watering and my head once again drooped in defeat. I heard footstep coming and I lifted my head to tell Key exactly what I wanted. Games are always fun, but this game was already over. But when I lifted my head, it was not Key’s face I was staring at. No, it was Jonghyuns. What?

I stared at him, baffled. Key was not the one, but Jonghyun? He then spoke words with such unrelenting malice that it was an understatement to say they were dripping with acid.

“Surprised, Minho? I’m assuming you were expecting someone else, Key, perhaps?” Yes! He pointed to a dark corner where two men brought out a cage, Key locked inside, as battered up as you but with fresh fear still laced into his features. He looked… like a masterpiece.

 “What is going on here?!” I shouted at him, the grin on his face growing wider.

“Well Minho, I decided I was sick of this twisted game you were playing with them, and I wanted to have some fun.” He started laughing uncontrollably, like he had just heard a hilarious joke. This was no joke.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” My voice was steady. Why was it so steady?! Yes, why, dear Minho?

“Oh don’t give me that bullshit, Minho! I know what you’ve been doing; playing god with their feelings. You’re not as good of an actor as you think you are.” A-actor? What is he talking about, I’m not acting! Or are you Minho? Are you really sure?

“You’re not making any sense, I am not acting.” Why am I stuttering now? I am not acting, I’m not. Now you are just in denial. Embrace it Minho, it won’t be too long…

“Fine, fine, I get it. You’re a committed actor, bravo. But, let’s get down to why you’re really here.” He walks over to the two cages, peering into both.

 You and Key are staring warily at him now, with a sort of fearful understanding. You understand too, Minho, right? You can’t escape it –No matter how much you deny. Then he spoke again, “Whether you admit it or not is not my problem, but what is my problem is that I love Key. Yes, we all know that, we also know that Key loves you,” I wanted to cut him off to tell him that I did not know that, but he beat me. You didn’t know that? Please, you knew and you craved it. “I’m not done. Now Taemin loves you; I know that you played with their feelings –Teamin’s and Key’s, because you’re a sick bastard,” I could see your eyes darken and I felt confused… but why not guilty? Why? You know why, Minho. It was never about him. Never. “But now I’m sick of this game. We are going to play it by my rules now, and you’re in luck; I only have one rule: Choose.”

“What?” What does he want me to choose? I don’t understand. You’re kidding yourself. You understand fully. From the second you saw them in the cages, you understood. Now be real man for once and choose.

“You heard me, choose. Choose which one you want to die,” Pick Taemin. You did all this for a reason. You don’t need him now.And which one do you want me skin alive in front of your eyes, right here, right now.” Wait. What? No, this wasn’t supposed to happen, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. “I’m waiting~” No, no, this is not according to plan! This wasn’t supposed to happen! Well it did happen, and there is nothing we, no, I could do about it. I just need to pick. “I’ll give you three more seconds before I decide for you.

3. Kill Key, he doesn’t need to go through this!

2. And Taemin does?! No, Taemin doesn’t need to suffer through this, either.

1. That’s it!

“I want you to kill…"


"...Key.” I knew it, it was the only choice. I see your stone-cold eyes start to water, and your whimpering sobs slowly start to pour out. I’m sorry Taemin-ah, but you were never my choice. I’m sorry.

“You made the right choice, Minho, the right choice.” As if there was a “right” choice. A gunshot rang out, leaving a ringing deep in our ears. It’s all my fault. I did this. I killed Key. But no matter how frightening the gunshot sound was, the endless hours into the night watching Jonghyun slowly peel patch by patch of flesh off your body was far worse. The shrill sound of your screams –of pure, unadulterated fear swelled within the room, filling my ears. I watched as your beautiful body was peeled, layer by layer until there was only a mass of muscle and vein left, clinging to fragile bones, glimmering with blood. A pile of peeled flesh lay at your body’s side, stained crimson, it broke me and the smell flooded my nostrils, making me sick to my stomach. I vomited as the tears poured down my cheeks. 

This was never supposed to happen. I was just playing. No one was ever supposed to die. I didn’t mean for this to happen! This wasn’t supposed to happen!

But it did, and now there is nothing left but a vile memory.
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