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Break Up
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Break Up
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: it doesn't meantion any names so it can be any, but its het!
Genre: angst, slight gore, character death
Summary: i'm not gonna go with a philisophical summery this time... she wants to break up, he doesn't, he goes psycho-mode, death.

A/N: This was actually for an extra credit english assignment i did... so it's very rushed and not very well thought out. I was really making things up as i went along so...  it's a little messy....

I could feel tears were welling up in my eyes. This is it, I can’t turn back. “I think that it’s best… that we break up. I’m sorry.” I stared at him with a pained gaze. I never wanted it to turn out like this. I love him, but I can’t continue on like this. It’s not healthy… for either of us. And now, all I can do is watch apologetically at your shock-stricken face. Your normally warm, hazel eyes were tainted with fear turning them cold and distant. It was wrong, so very, very, wrong, but that’s what had made it so beautiful in the first place, our own dirty little secret. But that’s all coming to an end now, it’s time.

“W-what? B-break up? Us? W-why?!” Your face was distorted into a mixture of so many different emotions, hysteria, confusion, all painted clearly for the world to see. I’m so sorry.

“You know why.” My voice was quivering. “This is wrong, it was never meant to work out.” I could hear my voice gain strength. It’s time to let it all out. It’s time to clean my slate.  “You have a girlfriend, my best friend to be exact. I feel so guilty; everyday constantly lying about basketball practice when it reality, I’m at your house, cuddling in your arms barely even watching the movie we played! I feel so dirty; everyday constantly listening to her drone and on about what a wonderful boyfriend you are and how much she loves you! Don’t you see!?” My madness had finally peaking and my stress-filled high died down. “You’re cheating on your girlfriend, with me; and I, just can’t handle it anymore.”

“No, no! We’re fine! Nothings wrong! That just means she doesn’t know! We’re fine!” You shout out not even looking at me anymore. Are you trying to convince me, or yourself? You sink to you knees, not without holding onto me. “Please, I love you. Don’t leave me.” Your voice was strained from your outbursts and your eyes stare up at me, burning holes through me with your intense gaze. “Please.”

“I’m sorry. No. You know this is wrong. I know this is wrong, this just can’t continue.” You look away from me, suddenly finding the carpet floor the most interesting thing in the room. I can feel your arms clinging onto me start to shake.

“It’s not wrong.” You whisper your words now. I can barely hear, but fear slowly starts creeping underneath my skin and I want nothing more than to run out of there. “What could possibly be wrong? To be with the person you love? Hah… haha… no. Nothings wrong, because I love you… and that’s all that matters.” I was officially frightened when your almost silent whispers turning into hysterical cackling. I’m scared. What have you become?

Before I had even time to think of unhinging your arms that clung to me, you let go pushing me harshly against the wall knocking me out. I was soon enveloped in a velvet curtain of black.

I awoke what I assumed was about half an hour later. I no longer was standing in a locked classroom at school, but in your room, tied to a chair. So this is how it ends. “So you finally wake up!” I turn my head to you. A childlike smile was plastered on your face and you were holding… a tray of cookies? I stare at you confusingly, almost completely forgetting I was being held hostage. “You want some? I baked them just for you~!” You start feeding me the cookies, but I turn my head away. I don’t want to eat your cookies. I don’t want anything more than to get out of here, but I have a feeling that would never happen.

“What is going on?” I ask you, but you only reply with a simple confused look. I guess I need to try again. “Why am I tied to a cha-No wait, why did you knock me out in the first place?” I could hear my voice getting higher, just like my fear. I know you heard it too because you started caressing my cheek. Is it so wrong that even though in this situation, I still leaning into your touch craving more?

“You were leaving me and I don’t want that.” You pouted like a child and would have probably scored the most adorable kidnapper in any world records. “You can live here now, and never leave me!” You say it like we are going to go out for ice cream, so unnervingly innocent. This is enough, I want to leave. I want my warm bed back, my fluffy dog, and my parents, oh my parents.

“Stop this. I want to go home! I broke up with you already so please! Please… just let me go…” A large slap resonated throughout your room. My cheek stung like a thousand bee stings. You slapped me. My fear was rising with each passing second.

“No! Don’t you dare say that! You will not leave me! Never… leave me.” You already dropped your tray of cookies a while ago but now a knife lay in you hand in place. Is this it? Is my life really going to end now, in your hands? My entire body was shaking with fear that not even screams could be produced. I don’t want to die, not yet. “You will not leave me!” You plunged the knife into my heart and throbbing pain engulfed my body. I could feel the warm blood trickling down my torso, soaking my clothes a deep red. “Beautiful.” You whisper with such a soft, caring voice. And just before my conscience blacked out for the last time, I heard your loving words once again. “You’re mine. Forever mine.”   

No ones POV 

Not three minutes passed at her body still sat there soaked in crimson with her ex slowly caressing her cheek with his blood-stained hand. He untied her and carefully placed her body on his bed. He laid down next to her and closed his eyes only to awake an hour later scared out of his mind. “W-hat is g-going on?! S-so much b-blood!” A million thoughts ran through his head only to come up with one conclusion. He killed his lover. So overtaken with shock on grief he plunged the knife into his own heart letting his body fall beside her. His last moments were nothing but staring at her pale face until he finally drifted off into the light. It wasn’t a pure light, deep crimson to be more exact, but it was an escape. Escape from this world and it’s traps.

So incase you hadn't realized, he has this multiple personality disorder so thats why he didn't remember killing her in the end.... yeah... really rushed... hoped you liked it though... COMMENT!!!

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idk... i just loved pyscho!minho
i like this :)

thanx for reading/commenting~
yeah, me too! i just love it when someone goes haywire~

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