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Kibum Got Played
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Kibum Got Played
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: onkey
Genre: fluff... or crack... or just plain boredom....
Summary:  I think the title really says it all.....

A/N: Ok, so this is the first time I ever even tried writing fluff... or crack for that matter, so don't hate me if it turns out to be a horrible fail... I mean I ALWAYS write angst, but something posessed me to write fluff... or crack...

It was a normal day in the SHINee household, 2min were off who knows where, Jonghyun was flirting with his girlfriend and onkey was... well onkey. Kibum was making dinner and Jinki was shouting to make chicken, yes, totally normal.  Although today, Kibum was a LITTLE cranky, so after the fifth outburst of chicken from, he snapped.

"By GOD Jinki! You are a TWENTY-THREE year old IDOL. STOP acting like a FREAKING THREE YEAR OLD!! I am NOT making chicken today so just SHUT UP!!! If you HADN'T noticed I have ALREADY almost finished dinner so there is NO use in shouting out chicken EVERY FIVE SECONDS."

After his little rant Kibums face was totally red with anger but that quickly changed when he saw tears welling up in his yeobos eyes.

"Oh no no no no no no, PLEASE don't cry Jinki! I'm sorry, don't cry!" Unfortunetly for Kibum, the tears kept on coming. "Ahhh, I'm sorry I'm sorry!! I'll make you chicken!! That good?!" And just like that, the tears magically disappeared and was replaced with a VERY happy Jinki.

"YAY!!!! Thank you Kibummie!!! LUV YOU!!!! ~Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken...~"

"... What just happened...?" And right before Jonghyun left for his date he still had time to shout out a few words.

"Pssh, you just got played by a sangtae chicken-addict."
Wow... this turned out horrible... I mean if I was the reader and not the writer my face would be making a WTF face right now... wait a minute, it is... yeah.... anyone, remind me NEVER to write fluff again... just not right...


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(Deleted comment)
thanx for reading/commenting~

thanx for reading/commenting!!

thanx for reaing and commenting!!!
yes, kibum got pwned~

LOL~!!! It's funny!!! And cute too!!! ^^

thanx for reading/commenting!!
a little TOO cute for my taste, but thanx~

HAHAHA!!! SO CUUUUUUTE! I love the crying jinki part. :>

thanx for reading commenting~
i know!!! crying jinki is SO adorable!!!

but its cute :P
haha onew sangtae <3

thanx for reading/commenting~
can never leave out the sangtae~

kheeeeekekeee >w<
jinki would do EVERYTHING for his chicken!!!

thanx for reading/commenting~
yes he would! poor kibum~

kyaaaaa so cutteeeee!!!
Jinki was being childish and Kibum never can refuse the cuteness of Jinki!! XDDD

thnax for reading/commenting~
pssh, who CAN refuse the cuteness of jinki~

(Deleted comment)
thanx for commenting/reading!
yeah, i just think baby jinki is so adorable~

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