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He's Mine
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: He's Mine.
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: 2min broken!ontae broken!minkey
Genre: angst and a TINY ounce of gore
Summary: The grass is not greener on the other side; it's blood-red, but Taemin loves it all the more.

A/N: I just kinda felt like writing a fanfic randomly, but I didn't want to take like hours writing it like my other fics, so this ones is gonna be like a drabble... but knowing me it's gonna kinda drag out and fail at that... plus it turned out kinda weird. I mean it wasn't really what I was going for.... well, enjoy!!!!

P.S. This is all in Taemins POV directed toward Onew, ENJOY!!!

I hated you. I hated that smile that warmed all the noona's hearts

Because even though I was your boyfriend, it was never meant for me.

It was always directed toward my hyung, Kibum. You used me.

I always knew, but I didn't care, as long as you were by my side.

But then I saw him. Minho, Kibums boyfriend.

You were always jealous of him, but not by my welcoming affection for him, but his.

I hated you even more for that, but I didn't care. I wanted him.

It was my turn to use you.

I used you in every way possible. But he didn't even spare a glance at me.

I was mad, you were mad, it was time for you to go.

You finally broke up with me with a sorry face but I didn't care. You were worthless.

After you left I stuck to him like glue, I seduced him, I trapped him, I made him mine.

You were gone and Kibum didn't know, it was perfect, but not enough.

I wanted more, it wasn't enough. I wante-no, i needed all of his attention.

"There is only one way", he wispered in my ear. "If he were gone."

If my hyung were gone, we could be together. Me and him, perfection.

I agreed. I just wanted him so much. I didn't care what happened to Kibum,

He was mine.

"He's dead. Kibum's dead.", he tells me, "I killed him."

I saw blood-stains splattered on the floor, a broken corpse, unmoving.

You thought I would cry right then right? No. I wanted him.

And I got him.

I loved him all the more. He was mine. Finally mine.

And no one would ever break us apart.


Ok, so how was it? A fail drabble right? why can't I ever make like a five-lined story? WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME?! GAH! ah well, so yeah. Taemin sounds a LITTLE psychotic there right? in my opinion Minho's worse since he's the one that actually killed Kibum but oh well... I've always wanted to write a psychotic Taemin..................................................................... WOW, THAT doesn't sound healthy..... anyways, COMMENT!!!!!

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휴益휴 Just...a tad psychotic....

I like the prose-y writing though. Like a poem...but not...o-o; Lol.

But yesh. o-o That scared me.

thank you for reading/commenting~
and yes, taeminnie/minho are just a LITTLE psychotic here ^x^

It's very nice but I just don't know who died besides Kibum o____o
I am utterly confumbled.
But I still liked it though <3<3 I like psychotic Taemin.

thanx for reading/commenting~
no one else besides Kibum dies, Onew just kinda left...

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