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Your smile
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Your smile
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: 2min!onesided minkey!broken jongkey
Genre: angst
Summary: The unknown always hurts the most.

A/N: Ok so even though 2min is my ultimate bias, i realized i had YET to make a 2min fic! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! i mean i have only written 2 other ones but those are both jongkey... i felt obligated to cause of the uhh... problems *cough* sekyung *cough* I don't have anything against her, just i prefer jongkey... i mean they were practically MADE FOR EACH OTHE- ok i'm getting off topic. i do that a lot. ANYWAYS. 2min. first fanfic. YES.

Taemin POV.

"It's alright. You'll be okay. Don't worry. He still loves you. "  These are but a few words I have whispered in your ear this past hour. You came to me in near tears, eye's blood-shot, nose running, and face reddened from the sprint to our dorm. I know that look; you saw them, the famed jongkey couple. You cried endlessly into my shoulder, loud wails piercing the bare walls of the living room; your visible agony surrounding us in your ever-increasingly dark aura. The sight of you like this pains me, the fact that I can't do anything to help you pains me even more, but the shear knowing that you will never know my feelings... it breaks my heart.

You weren't always like this. You were happy once, radiating a glowing aura no matter what emotion you put out on camera. You were content, with him, Kibum. He was the first to talk to you in our trainee days, and he was the first to accept your quietness; but it was still he that first made you smile, and he to first make you laugh. Always him. You were satisfied with your life, and I was too; until the day, the day you asked him out and he agreed, that moment you risked all your pride and friendship on the line to be with the one you loved. And as soon as those words passed his lips, "yes" my world shattered. But that doesn't matter does it? Because your world was complete.

Days, months, years, passed and your happiness just continued to grow. But as more color enveloped your life, it was being sucked out of mine. Everyday I felt like I was in depression. Black and white blurs were the only thing i saw, except your smile. It was my shining light, my savior from the depths of my torn heart, but as soon as I realized the reason for your smiles, another tear was added. I was slowly but surely , breaking.

Then it came. I was so ready to give up on life that day, I had already written a suicide letter to you; which is now safely tucked in between my notebooks. But just as I was ready to jump off the terrace, I heard a door slam. I abandond my activity for just one more night and turned around, only to find a distraught bug-eyed beauty with thick tears streaming down your face. The sight nearly paralyzed me in shock. I had never seen you so distressed and I was about to ask what was wrong, but all thoughts were thrown out when I felt your long arms wrap around me in your warm embrace. Was I bad person to feel so elated even when i could feel your tears soaking me shirt?

After hours of continous crying you finally calm yourself enough to tell me, "He's g-gone." I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion, and you must have noticed because you patted my head and continued on; but your voice quivered, and your body held me tighter than before. "He l-left me Minnie. K-kibum left m-me... for Jonghy-yun." My eyes had widened and my mouth must have dropped. Fireworks were exploding rapidly in my head, but it all ceased as I looked back at your face, your terribly broken face. I tried to recollect myself before answering, I didn't want my happiness to seep through, you were broken enough.

"H-how? I mean just yesterday you guys were all lovely-dovey. Why would Kibum brea-" Your calloused hand clasped over my mouth, head drooped lower but I could clearly see the sparkle of new tears flowing down your cheeks.

"Don't s-say it Min-nnie. Please. J-just don't." We sat there silently, the only noise coming from a ticking clock and a few sniffles escaping your nose. It was a peaceful silence, but the dark atmosphere surrounding you never left,and led the night to be eerie, and distant. After a few minuets you were the first to speak up again, this time with your voice more stable. "He said that he still loved me, but he found this... new passion with Jonghyun, one he... never felt... with me..." More silence follwed, but this time there was not even an ouce of peacefulness. Just tense, oh so bitterly tense 

You finally looked up, staring straight into my eyes. I thought this was it, I had finally have a chance to win your heart, for it to be mine, all mine. But God had a different agenda and I couldn't help but let my face fall bit with the next words that slipped out of your mouth. "That means, his love for Jonghyun is different right? That it's just a new flame that's bound to burn out right? That, he still loves me right?" I was so tempted to say no. That Kibum loves Jonghyun and would never come back to you, but something inside me faltered and changed my answer .
"Yes. I'm sure he still loves you.... who wouldn't love you..." I didn't know if it was the completely strained look on your face or my inability to say no to you, but the long-awaighted smile that plastered on your face then made it worthfwhile, for but a few seconds.

Kibum and Jonghyun came home, smiles and laughter filling each cornor of the room, or at least their eyesight because they walking right past us, into their newly-shared room. Your face immediately dropped at tears automatically came pouring out. This lasted the whole night. No, I am not exaggerating. Continous moans that clearly echoed throughout the entire dorm left no room for your tears to stop, no room for your wounds to heal.

This cycle never ended. It's been months and here we are again. You crying here in my arms while I comfort you with sweet nothings only to temporarily mend you wounds and cut deeper ones into mine. I thought when you two ended I would have my chance for a happy ending. But that day never came. The closest I will ever be to you will be Minnie, your reliable best friend. I can't take this anymore. I have reache-no. I have already passed my breaking point long ago, surviving on only a sliver of hope that gets thinner and thinner with each passing day till now, it has finally snapped. I'm done.

After you had cried youself to sleep and I carefully lay you in your bed, I took out that piece of paper. That one that has been neatly folded, sitting in between forgotten pages of my notebook. I carefully placed it beside your bed, knowing you would undoubtedly first look there while shutting your alarm off. Silently creeping out the room, I slipped into the bathroom and turned on the bathtub faucet. I filled it just enough so once I was in, it woud still not overflow. Slowly I climbed in, memories of us filling my thoughts completely. I tried to think of the happier times, but it seemed so long ago, the radiant smiles that once possessed you now seemed like an oh-so distant memory. Why? Why even when I'm about to die, I can't even have the satisfaction of your false warmth in my thoughts. I layed back into the water and let my head drift underneath the water line. I could feel the water rushing in, clogging up my wind pipes, suffocating me till no end, pain caging my entire body relentlessly. Until finally, the unbearable pain ceased and I saw it. I saw that golden light shimmering around your face with your perfect smile, lighting my way to peace.

SO, how was it? hmm? HMM? no need to be shy, i want to know ALL of your opinions!
btw, I was thinking of writing a short sequel where minho reads the letter and blah blah blah, i'm not spoiling it. so, do uthink i should? if i get enough comments i might... SO COMMENT!!!

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OMG, why so sad??? I was kinda hoping that Minho would come in the end and save Minnie... T.T
Oh, please consider writing a sequel, i want to know Minho's reaction about the suicide, hehe...!

This is a nice story, sad, but good, you should write more 2MIN, hehe...!

thank you for reading~
hmm... i just might~
although i can't garantee i'll finish it soon...

Why Minnie?!!! Minho still needs you!!!! >.< good job! Haha ^^ this was a very satisfying read before bed :p this story kinda suits big bang's love song ~>.<~ I love that song :) and I want sequel pweeeeease??? :D thankies :)

thank you for reading~
LOVED big bang's love song!


no taeminnie don't dieeee !!

bb you have to write a sequel ! you have to save taeminnie !!!


no happy ending for your bias ? ):

still loved this tho even tho it's angst and taemin dies ):

it was very beautifully written (:

thank you~
i'm probably going to write a sequel, but i can't tell you if it will be a happy or sad ending~

aww... taemin died!!! that's so sad..
it's a great fic!! i loved it, though it has a sad ending...^^

thank you~
i live off of angst<3

you're welcome.. it's also my fave genre when it comes to fanfics..^^
keep it up!! :)

don't go minnie!

what if minho find his best friend die..
he'll crazy then..

his lover left him,his best friend left him...

minho still needs you..

sorry..too much emotion..TT
good job..i like your fic..^^

thank you~
i'm so happy so many people like my fanfic~

Sequel, you have to make the sequel
I want to know how about minho's expresion after see taemin was dead,
And how minho's expresion after read the latter...
Will he regret everything ????
Update soon !!!
I can't wait...

thank you for reading~
kekeke~ hmm... what WILL his expression be...

I loved it too! :D I think you deserved a comment...normally I'm too lazy but I know how happy it is to see someone comment on your story xD

And I have to say! This was some pretty good angst :D And...I like my angst. xD The sentences got a bit choppy at some points but the storyline made it through in the end! :D

T=T I am sad that Taeminnie died at the end though...Poor him =/ You should write a sequel! :D But this ending is pretty good if you don't want to xD

thank you~
and i've read your angst. LOVED IT.

Re: Автор продолжай в том же духе

I'm sorry, i don't quite understand, even after i put it through google translate.

Re: Интересный блог

I'm sorry, i don't quite understand this comment, even after google translate.

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