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I Do (song fic)
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: I Do (song fic)
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: jongkey key/OC
Genre: angst
Summary: Jonghyun feels the flame between them is gone

A/N: I'm uploading again, yay~
I got a pretty good response for my last fic and I had the urge to make a song fic.In my last one I made it in Key's POV so one will definitely be on Jjong's hope you guys like it~ again, it was supposed to be a very short drabble, but I just think I'm incapable  of doing anything short..... should work on that, oh well, enjoy~

OH! btw the song is called Trap by No Minwoo. The translation for the lyrics I found are kinda crappy, but I think you can get the meaning.
And here's a link to a youtube vid that plays the song with the correst english translation, hangul, and romanization subs:

Jonghyun POV.


I’m tired of your constant nagging. Your constant berating of questions. Always questioning my whereabouts. Don’t you trust me?


Over time I feel my love for you has grown cold. Is it time to let you go? I tell you the next day. By your unsurprised face, I can tell you felt it too. We’ve lost our flame.


You immediately move out to a friends place. We agree to stay on friendly terms because we know we don’t want to completely cut each other out of our lives.


After you leave I put all our photo’s, our honey-glazed memories into a box and put it in the attic. It’s time to forget you and move on.

Surprisingly, love that spreads as I erase it

A week passes and you introduce me to your new friend. He placed a smile on your lips that never seemed to disappear when he spoke; laughter always spilling out. Why is this hurting in my heart? He has moved on. I should be happy for him. Shouldn’t I?


 Like fate, eyes watch only one place
You touched my heart that used to be ice in front of the world

No matter where I go, I always end up seeing you there even if you don’t see me. Why? Oh right, because these were all the places we went when we were together. But it’s different now. I’m not standing next to you holding your waist. He is.


But each time, I never leave. I always just stand there, watching you from afar; my eyes never leaving you.  It’s amazing, even after we part, even if I’m not standing beside you, your smile seems to lighten my day. I thought the flame was gone. Why am I feeling so warm inside?

Sleeping deep inside of my heart you let me breathe
Coming deep inside of my memories you let my pain and sigh change to tears


It’s been a month since I broke up with you and honestly, I’m heartbroken. I wake up every morning expecting the smell of freshly made pancakes but after I call out your name, only silence followed. Why did I ever let you go? I feel tears flowing down my cheeks, but I pay no mind. Memories came rushing back to me, oh bittersweet memories.

Don’t leave me, I can’t let you go
Because of mixed fate, I lost your hand
I call your name in sadness everyday

I try calling you again and again but you seem to be too busy with your new friend. We finally make an appointment to meet again, alone. I wait at that café for hours but you don’t show up. Did you forget about me Kibum? Are you with your new friend, slowly forgetting everything about us?

You finally call me several hours later with a rushed apology. I almost want to scream at you, but you mentioned your sick grandmother and I calm down. You say maybe some other time. Yeah. When you’re not with him.

That day never comes and I lay wasted on my kitchen counter mumbling your name like a mantra. Why are you doing this to me?

Don’t love anyone else, I’m here
I go back to the day I met you several thousand times
Draw the day when I embrace you

            Everyday that passes I ask myself the same question. Why did I ever let you go? Memories of us never leave my mind. Our happy times, our sad times, all circling inside my head.

I decide to go visit the place where most of these memories took place, the park. I lie on the grass, thinking about… you. Your smile, your smell, your touches, and your kisses, but what I miss the most would always be your hugs. The warmness that always surrounded me will never be replaced. You will never be replaced.

Like fate, I meet you again on this day
The words I could not say and was clogged like dust

The sky starts to get dark and I feel like I should go home, but a dark figure resting by my side stops me. Kibum. When did you get here?

I stare at you, wanting to memorize each nook and cranny that carved your features. It was beautiful dream I didn’t want to wake up from. Your eyes slowly open and we just lay there on our sides for a while; our eyes boring holes in each others faces.

You finally whisper to me your thoughts. About us. You say you can never forget me and no matter how much he makes you laugh, I always stay constantly on your mind. My entire body freezes. I feel like I’m on cloud nine, only I’m there with you, by my side.

You ask me if I feel the same way and I guess I was so overjoyed I forgot to respond. You start walking away, again. I can’t let you go a second time; my heart won’t allow me to. I easily catch up to you and spin you around crashing our lips against each others. As I pull away I rest my head up against yours and say,

“I do”


So.... how was it? yeah I know, ME, write a HAPPY ending? I know I love angst but I still want them to be together... and I'm sure there's enough angst in here to cover up the fact that it's a happy ending... don't you think? Make sure you comment! I REEAAALLY want to know your opinions on it!!! XD

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