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FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Title: Temptation
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13, warning, incest, pedophilia( READ A/N FIRST PLEASE), and stockholm syndrome
Pairings: 2min, jongkey, onew/oc
Genre: angst, yet oddly... light
Summary: In a big city stood a classy whore-house. That  whore-house was called Temptation

So first I want to say sorry that I haven't been very active... at all. It's just been a really hectic year and honestly, I had no motivation.
BUT ANYWAY, I know the rating might confuse or shock a few people. This was actually an english assignment after we read a book called Winesburg Ohio. It's basically a book of short stories about different people who have these 'grotesques'  who all live in a town called Winesburg... in Ohio. That being said, instead of a town, I did a whore-house with my characters' grotesques all being connected with lust.

   Moving on, I am aware that there is a ban against pedophilia and if my story offends any people, I will remove it immediately. I just want to mention beforehand that it is between 2 consenting parties by the ages of 16 and 50-something, so technically, it isn't considered by definition pedophilia. I chose to use it in my story because I wanted to work with taboos in society that had to do with lust. To be blunt, it was either pedophilia, or bestiality or necrophilia and that... is where I draw my line.

      Again, I just want to say I do not support pedophilia in anyway and if this does offend anyone and cross their line, I will gladly remove it. ALSO. When I wrote this most of the characters were females so please excuse me if I have so slip-ups.

1) Souls
    The big city was a maze of little hole-in-the-wall boutiques and Chinese fast food diners, but where the bigwigs spent their time were no less than the best. They only ate in the finest restaurants where food cost as much as their cars and their cars cost as much as those boutiques’ yearly income. They dined on lobster and shrimp and sushi during the day, and fine wine and champagne and scotch during the nights. Life wasn't lived till their wasted bodies had tried every new experiment –every titillating experience, and when all else failed, most of them ended up in none other than the rooms of Temptation. Everyone’s dirty secrets lay in that place. Rich wives and husbands found themselves making weekly appointments in the same rooms with the same people, maybe even with their spouses in the next room doing the same exact thing. It is that unspoken desire that they all have and that they all hide, because underneath all the riches, lay loneliness so deep that nothing could permanently fix it, but they found something that could treat it. Temptation housed souls even darker than themselves, and with the solace in the back of their minds, week after week they returned. Temptation wasn't just a whorehouse; it was a house where poor souls were lifted by crawling its way on top of the dead.

2) I Love You
    A broken lamp lay on its side several feet away from where its imprints were etched into the floor. The glass shards surrounding it were caked with splotches of red; the carpet ruined with a rusted brown color encroaching on its peachy hue. The air was stale with a hint of iron and a lone boy lay in the center unmoving, undisturbed, and unconscious. Scars continued along his entire body, short scrapes starting from his finger tips to large cuts on his torso, like someone used a knife as their brush and his body as the canvas.
    The cracking of the wooden floor failed to wake him, neither did the hands that shook his shoulders, and nor did the tight embrace he was brought into. Those hands shook with such fever, yet no words were said. The hands circled around the torso over and over and quivering whispers of apologies were repeated over and over.
“I’m sorry.”

    Minho had never really known his parents. He knew of people he called mother and father, but he never really knew who they were. He was fine with that. He understood they were busy with work, he understood that between them, their relationship wasn't great, but he never understood who they were.
One boring and completely ordinary day, he never saw his mother again. He didn't remember exactly when, only that he grew up under the distant care of his father. His memories consisted of an empty dining room, a polished family room, and a lonely existence. Minho got tired of that kind of life, of his life; he was tired of eyes that saw him, but never looked at him, so he left.
    Well-toned, wild, and underage, Minho was taken advantage of. Filthy hands poured glass after glass, dirty mouths emitted low raspy chuckles, and drooping eyes looking everywhere but his face. He didn't want this, but he couldn't escape. By the time he became an adult, he was already working at Temptation.
    He had already lost hope of finding someone to love and care for him. He had already lost hope of anyone that he could love and care for, so he worked. He worked night after night because he loved it. He loved his work. He loved it.

    With lush strands of gold, Lee Taemin was a beauty. Walking down the streets under the flattering light of the midnight streetlamps, looks were spared more than just once. The innocence that radiated from his bare skin was proof enough that he was an angel lighting the world with beauty. So entranced by him, men could barely get enough confidence to even go up and talk, as if they had a chance.
Raised by a single mother, he was obedient, filial, and sheltered. He was the true definition of a princess, so when a prince came to swoop him off his feet, he fell, hard. This prince though, Kai, was not a knight in shining armor. He was a knight with shining knives and elaborate tattoos covering his arms, but a prince he was to him. All he wanted was to feel loved.
    Sixteeen. Sixteen was the age when he almost died. The autumn night was warm, except a chill creeping down his spine convinced him otherwise. His brother, he had finally found his brother. It had taken him years, but he would finally find his sister. A large building came into view; from far away it would look like and office building, but if one were to get closer, they would be able to see the rose tinted lights through the glass panels and the light fragrance  of rosemary and chocolate. Coming up to the steps,Taemin took deep breathes. He had rehearsed it, yet the nerves were quickly eating away at his resolve. He could hear the crisp clacks of his feet against the marble floor. Velvet cloth draped around the dimly lit room that left him a clear path to whom he assumed was the receptionist.
    “May I help you?” He could feel the calculating eyes judging him over while fake smile was held in place. Trying his best not to fidget, he responded with the most confidence he could muster.
    “I-I have an appointment with Minho. My name is Lee Taemin.” The receptionist furrowed her eyebrows and went to check her monitor screen. Taemin on the other hand mentally rehearsed his lines. He could do it, he had to do it.
     “Let me show you to your room.” Sultry. The tone wasn't accusing, nor doubting, but sultry? Looking up he saw a coy smile instead of the fake one earlier. The two of them entered a large elevator, yet the receptionist rather preferred to stand right beside him, right beside. Her lips were… they were blood red. They entered a long corridor until they got to a door that read Minho's Mancave. He could do it; he could finally meet his brother..
    Creeping in, the room wasn't poorly lit, rather it was venomously lit. It was lit just enough the see the room tinted with a warm inviting glow, yet not enough to see a figure waiting for him in the dark.
    “I knew it you cheating bitch!” Hands grasped his neck, pushing him onto the floor. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't scream, he was completely helpless. Very soon, she completely lost consciousness.
    Pain. His whole body, especially his arms and ankles ached. Water. He needed water, but eh couldn't say a word. Slowly his eyes opened. Everything was blurry at first, but then he realized why he was aching and why he couldn't speak. His body was hung from a suspended rope we her arms, ankles, and mouth was duct taped. In the dark, a leering smile crept up on the patient “prince’s” in the room. He felt a cold, jagged, object graze his upper thigh. Slowly, that object pierced through her skin all round her body, each slash getting deeper and deeper. Silent tears streamed down her face and she begged and pleaded for him to stop, but he did no such thing. Soon hiss copious amount of tears began to make the gashes sting even more so. He couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t take the pain.
    Just like an oasis in the middle of the dry desert, Minho burst into the room with an incredulous look on his face. What was he doing to the poor boy?! He roughly asked him to leave, succeeding with only the threat of cops. After he left, he hurriedly let the scared boy down. Kicking and thrashing, Taemin was utterly terrified of being touched again, but as the calming words soothed his anxiety, he relaxed into the safe arms of his… brother! He tried to speak, but all that came out was a fit coughing.
    Minho gently carried the calm boy to the bed. He could tell the boy was scared and just wanted to be loved, feel loved… just like himself. Just like himself, he had never felt the real passion of love and fulfillment. Minho decided he would be the one to show him.
Gradually pushing Taemin onto his back, he began placing butterfly kisses on his shoulders. Soft and gently at first, but quickly escalated into a want, a need.
    “W-wait! Mi-mi-minho. We-“
    “What’s your name?”
    “Taemin… I like it.” No more words were spoken. Lips crashed against each other, hands roamed freely, long shut down feelings mended together. That mutually longing that they had forgotten, that they hid, surfaced. Guilt was building up in Taemins head, but as soon as he glanced and Minho, they both saw each other, the non-complicated love that was there, between them in that very moment, that feeling faded. Both parties basked in the pure happiness, the pure ecstasy that being together made. They knew that this was their reaching point, that no point in the past or future could even start to compete with their present. But then it ended.
    Bursting through the door was none other than Taemin's parents, their parents. A fight ensued. Confusion mixed with lust and disappointment mixed with shock filled the atmosphere of the room. They were siblings. Minho and Taemin were blood siblings. Disgrace and disgust were shown plainly on the faces of the adults. Their own children divulging in that sort of sin, it was unimaginable! Was that disgust on Minho’s face also, or was that contempt of the parents that never were, Taemin didn’t know, and he was scared of the answer.
His mother was disappointed in him. The father he never knew he had was disappointed with him. Taemin couldn’t take it. He just couldn’t take it. But luckily, he had Minho standing beside him, holding him, supporting him. He had found his missing piece, but was that enough?
    Years had passed and he couldn’t smile anymore. He couldn’t go outside and he couldn’t go into the daylight. He would be overtaken with fits of rage and sadness and he couldn’t handle it. Minho couldn’t handle it. But he was the rock right? He was the stone that kept him sane right? How long would the agony last?

“I’m sorry.”
Minho held his limp body in his arms. He knew it was coming didn’t he? He was unstable and it was bound to happen right? His eyes were dry as he carried him to their shared bed. As he put on his cap and opened the door,he whispered to him an “…I love you.”

3) Need
    Labored breathing resonated in the empty room. The windows shined with a polished glint, yet everything else in the room stank of misuse or nonuse. Ragged curtains draped across them serving no other purpose than the holds as much dust as they could. With just a simple flick, hundreds of tiny dust particles would fly into the stale air. A lone bed was placed in the corner of the room where no light ever hit. He wanted it that way. Kim Jonghyun wanted it that way. Sitting in a simple wooden chair, he pulled his binoculars up to his eyes and smiled.
“He is… so beautiful.”

    Kim Kibum grew up with ridicule following his every step. If it wasn’t his girl-sh frame, it was his girl-sh clothes or girl-ish mannerisms. If he didn’t have short hair, people would have thought he was a girl. It was mostly his mothers fault; she would make him cook, clean, and dance. He had no time for sports or hunting. His mother had always wanted a girl, but the more he grew, the more he saw the hope in his father break.
    Middle school rolled around and his mother passed away. She died in a car crash coming home from work. When his father told hhim the news, it took a long time to sink in. His father answered the phone and in just a few seconds, his eyes were filled with tears and starting choking up to where his words unidentifiable. Kibum just sat on the ground holding his dolls wondering why daddy was crying and why mommy wasn’t home yet. Night came and his mom had finally calmed down into a coma-like state staring out the window. Kibum deemed it a good time to ask. He softly crept up beside his dad and asked, “Daddy, why are you so sad? And where’s mommy? She didn’t come home today.”
    At first, all was still, complete silence. Then madness broke loose. Something inside his father cracked and he laughed. His father laughed and laughed and soon, it was replaced by hysterical cackling, but there were tears and a lot of arms movements and he was scared. Devon was scared of his own father.
    “It’s your fault you insufferable little child! If you were never born, this would have never happened! Hah…hahaha…hahahahahha. It’s all your fault... it’s all you fault…your fault… all of it…. It’s all you fault.” After falling down, he continued his broken mantra on the floor staring at the blank wall drawing meaningless circles on the ground. Kibum was confused and all he wanted was his mum. That child just wanted his mum.
    The next few days, family friends would come over to give their condolences and that was when he had finally caught on. He caught on that he would never see his mother again and that he would forever be stuck with a father that didn’t love him. He was wrong. The morning after the funereal, two men came to the house for him, Child Services they were called. They had come to take Kibum away. They had come to tear him apart from the home that held all his memories. Why? He cried and threw a fit, but nothing swayed the minds of the two men. As he got into their car, he glanced at his father one last time. Driving away, the words his father had mouthed were etched into his head. Goodbye Kibum.
    He ran away at the early age of fifteen. He couldn’t deal with all the plastic nurturing parents or the cold machine that was foster care, so he ran away with no where in sight, just anywhere but there. He wasn’t a child anymore, but he wasn’t an adult. He was vulnerable, alone, and had nowhere to go, but then he met the lady with red lips. The lady told of a heaven, a refuge for people with a trouble past. She set a tantalizing trap that no one could refuse and Kibum bit. Selling his body was a small price to pay compared to the need for food and shelter. He was content and he was happy.
    With hair slicked back and thick musky cologne, Jonghyun was the ‘it’ man of the bachelor scene. It didn’t matter that he was over 50, he was ruggedly handsome. With all the fame and fortune though, he became incredibly bored. So bored and rich, he stumbled upon an apartment with nothing but a simple bed and chair furnishing the room. He liked it. It was simple and empty and he bought it without a seconds notice.
He came back every week just to relax or take a nap when one day, across the street, he spied a man and a woman getting intimate through the rose-tinted glass. At that moment, he became captivated with the man on the other side. His sharp feline features complimented his thin yet curvaceous body. He was the perfect boy, the perfect man; he wanted to have him, he had to have him.
    The next month he came to the same apartment every single day. His friends questioned his whereabouts while the media questioned his sanity, but he paid them no mind. The only thing worth thinking about was his dear mystery call-guy. Finally making his way into the actual building, he approached the receptionist.
    “May I help you?” She eyed him up and down while giving him a flirty smile. Tsk. Her lips were too red and she was too old.
    “Yes, my name is Kim Jonghyun and I have an appointment with Mr. Room 407?” He straightened his tie avoided eye contact.
    “Mr. Kibum? Yes, right this way.” He followed the she-devil into the glass-plated elevator. She didn’t need to stand so close to him. His palms were sweaty as he opened the door to room 407. As the door creaked open, he spotted the object of his desire waiting for him on the bed. It was spectacular.
    They exchanged no words through their entire session, but they both understood each other. Both had been playing the game of cat-and-mouse for a month. The call-guy had noticed Jonghyuns interest in him as Jonghyun noticed his openness to him. Hands gripped the satin sheets as moaning echoed off the walls. There was love alright, just not theirs. Love was made that night, and the next, and the next, and the next, and on and on until he couldn’t come back.
    The great bachelor, the rich Kim Jonhyun was broke. He had spent his entire fortune on the nightly visits and it stopped. There was no more money, no more love, and no more fulfillment  of eachothers pain.
    “He is… so beautiful.” No one knows what happened to the great Kim Jonghyun. He was forgotten, like how the love between the two was forgotten, just with a few strands left waiting for the scissors the cut. It was worth it though. He was worth all the money in the world. As he once again raises his binoculars, he croaks out a few words, “It was more than love, it was need.”
4) Lips
    She never had a name. Why would she need a name? They never came for her anyways. She was the lips, the voice, but never the main character, and she preferred it that way. It gave her more freedom to do what she liked how she liked.
    Customer after customer came and went through those big open doors, yet none of them sparred her even the slightest glance, except for him, that ordinary guy. He was the most ordinary man to ever come into the building. He wore khaki pants with an awkwardly oversized shirt and tie. He didn’t belong. In fact, the only reason he came in was to change his battery. His cell had died and apparently taxi’s chose that day to be on strike.
    He may not have belonged, but he was funny. He did horrendously horrible body gags that would light up the room, but still, he was nothing special. They talked all night, the guy and the lips. Just minutes later, lips were the only things talking -moving. But of course, his kisses had no affect. His kisses were ordinary with no sparks. They were completely average.
    The clock struck past midnight, it was two to be more precise, yet both were still there. The day after, he was there again in the same room with the same clothes, then the day after that and the day after that. Actually he never left. He couldn’t leave. He could never leave again. The screaming had died out also. That ordinary guy was so boring, like a pet turtle. They aren’t much. His kisses were so bland. It was fine though, she didn’t need him to be good.
    Days turned into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into years and he was still there. The room had a shower and fresh clothes so it was fine. He didn’t need to go anywhere. She would visit him every night when her shift was over and stay to her shift started. The key to the room hung around her neck. She never took it off.
    Minho’s brother died. It was a pity since he would have made a wonderful new edition, but it was expected. No one can survive prolonged mercury poisoning, it’s just not possible. It’s fine though. Who needs a new girl when there is an ordinary guy waiting?
    Jonghyun stopped coming too. Has he given up on Kibum? No man will ever be good enough for him though. But it’s ok, it’s no surprise he stopped coming. Once someone loses all their money in their bank account, it is pretty impossible to pay for any sessions.
    Ordinary guy isn’t rich, but he stays here. That’s a secret though.
    The ordinary guy isn’t anything special; he isn’t suave or charismatic and has no affect. He’s just so… ordinary.
    After years have gone by, she once again applies her make-up for another days work, always never forgetting to put on the lipstick, never the lipstick. The ordinary guy just watches her fondly and asks “What is your name my love?” She walks over to him and places a kiss right on his check leaving a deep red lip mark. Still smiling, she walks out the door, not forgetting to lock it.

FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Insanity is just a state of mind. One where there are no limits, no barriers to hold us back. It is what one would call true freedom. But like in every society, this freedom is repressed. It is viewed as a sin, a disorder, an unatural occurence. Well I am here to say they are wrong, completely wrong. It is not a sin, a disorder, an unatural occurence. It is beauty, freedom, it is life worth living at the edge. Yet so few venture out this far. Why? Why are there so few who see the true gift god has bestowed on us? Because they are caged, caged by the ways of the restricted. It is not their fault, no ones really. And it is my job to make them realize their true potential, potential of the unknown and wild. I will make them realize because I am the missionary of true free will, and no one will stop me. Insanity isn't a curse, no, it is a gift.

I wrote this about a year ago... insane right? I just felt like writing soemthing insane at the time I guess... hmm, I should do this more often, just rant about nonsense.

FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Title: Oxygen
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg (character death)
Pairings: 2min side!taestal
Genre: angst,
Summary: Humans need oxygen because without it, without it, they are nothing.

A/N: AH! It's been like what, 3-4 months since I've written anything? I think I'm getting worse...
Btw, this is based off a tumblr post that my friend sent me. It had me squeeling for a goof half hour~

I need... I need oxygen. I'm still human. I want to breathe, I want to live. I want to live with you, Taemin-ah. With youCollapse )

46 Days
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Title: 46 Days
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 2min side!minyul side!character death?
Genre: angst(as usual) and some smut~
Summary: 46 days was all Taemin needed to get what he wanted. No regrets.

A/N: So I know I haven't written in a while, sorry~ It's been a pretty hectic year, but hey! I finally wrote one! YAY~ Well I hope you like it, took me a few hours...

46 days was all he needed Collapse )

Wedding Ring (drabble)
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Title: Wedding Ring (drabble)
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: onesided!2min
Genre: angst,
Summary: He loved and loved and loved, and what did he get?

A/N: I haven't actually written a fanfiction in a while so I thought I should at least get a drabble out there.


I loved him.

I loved him every morning when we waited for the bus.

I loved him every night when we rested on the couch playing video games.

I loved him every week when he went on countless dates with countless girls.

I even loved him every year when we grew apart and reconnected.

Did I get anything in return?

He gave me lots of things in return.

He gave me kindness.

He gave me friendship.

He gave me the most wonderful memories of my life.

But what topped it all off was a wedding ring.

He gave me a wedding ring and asked me a question.

And what did I do?

I smiled and said, “I’d love to.”

So where does that take me now?

I’m walking down the aisle toward the love of my life, holding the ring that he will give to the love of his life, the love of his life that isn’t me.

I want to cry. I want to yell, scream, anything that would help the pain to just stop, but I won’t.

I won’t because though this may not be my wedding, and I may not the one standing by his side, buthe smiles at me.

He smiles that radiant smile that does nothing less than completely melt me and my defenses.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how much I loved him.

I could never have something that wasn’t mine.

I didn't spend that much time on it, I don't know if you can tell, but I'm pretty satisfied with it. I'm probably going to wake up tomorrow, read it, and think it's complete crap though.

Minho (It Wasn't Supposed to Happen version 2)
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Title: Minho (It Wasn't Supposed to Happen version 2)
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: 2min, minkey, HET! (taemin and key are girls...)
Genre: angst, some gore
Summary: His life was never perfect. Mistakes were a common part of it. Most weren't even his, but that doesn't mean he didn't make any.

A/N: This is actually a re-write of It Wasn't Supposed to Happen http://brokenwings2min.livejournal.com/3979.html (i still don't know how to do that cut thingy....), but DON'T BE MISTAKEN.
Besides nearing the end, it is almost COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The reason for is because this is a re-write I did for english class. Hope you like it~

"Choose"Collapse )

It Wasn't Supposed to Happen
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho
Title: It Wasn't Supposed to Happen
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13 (
2min, minkey, minor jongkey,
Genre: angst
The hubris has an everlasting effect on anyone.

A/N: i know i haven't been updating recently, i'm sorry. school's been hell and i'm a grade A procrastinator...
i actually finished this yesterday, but i asked one of my friends to beta it and that took a while... so now i'm done~


I'm sorry, it's all my fault. Please, just let him go. I'll... do whatever you want.Collapse )

Poem Dump
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Poem Dump~
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13 (
basically any... no names are mentioned...
Genre: angst
these are just a bunch of poems i wrote for my english class and since i hadn't updated... i felt guilty, so until i find inspiration for a new fic, i hope this will do, enjoy~

A/N: I RECOMMEND THE 4TH AND 5TH IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE READING ALL OF THEM... mostly cause the 4th is my favorite and the 5th I put SO MUCH EFFORT into....

1) The Apple (based off the story of Adam and Eve)
Twas no mistake the poor souls committed
Only the burning curiosity of human nature
We failed gods test in keeping our innocence
With Satan's tail waving temptation over our heads
Took a bite of that fruit which spelled our end
Leaving the world sullied in our sins

2) Abandoned
The world was never a place for smiles
Sadness and death roamed the streets for iles
But through all i believed in happy outcomes
Until you stabbed me in the dead of night
Metaphorically and literally, it doesn't matter
I can feel the love that once embodied me leave
I can feel that pure warm blood escape as my eyes blury
"Don't leave me."

3) It's Over (Sequel to Abandoned)
It was not always like his
We happy, free, but all good things come to an end
I realized it was fake, you were fake
He was right
Those seemingly innocent smile were nothing but a mask
A mask that you used all too well to hide your evil soul
But I know the truth now
He was right
You were not who I thought you were, but I knew what to do
We met at the stroke of midnight, my blade and your heart
As you slowly fell with your wide open eyes and whimpering cries
A weight was lifted from my shoulder and I screamed
"He was right."

4) Save Me (My favorite)
There was no way out... it's too late
The last I knew of the world, it was just 7 in the morning
Laughing and carefree, I was a pure little boy
The you came along enchanting, suave, and ripped me apart
All your lies surfaced, breaking my fragile heart
Years pass and you jump from alcohol to drugs
Our fights never cease and my resolve slowly crumbles
But until I am brought to that last straw, I keep holding on
I hold on through your psychotic tantrums
I hold on through your piercing words
I hold on through your rage-filled beatings
I hold on through your sinful lovings
I hold on through all the pain you caused,
Until you whisper those words
"I don't love you."
Not a second after my mind and soul breaks
I am nothing but a shell with scars
Scars of the past and present that I can't erase
Forever embedded into this lifeless doll of mine
There is no point in living if there is no one to love
But even as I set up my savior, my rope
My last thought was only a broken
"Save me."

5) Sonnet for the Soulless (This took me WAY too long to write, and if you don't get it, i'd be happy to reply a comment explaing~!)
The young pure lad was born from sunsets light
With unconditioned love from all around
All blind to superstitions of the night
About the baby born crying no sound
Time pass, and boy becomes the towns beauty
By his side, a watchful older brother
But shared a love more than sibling duty
A secret masked from even their mother
For years the couple kept up their charade
But news can travel fast with the bored ears
Then word spread out and filled eyes with pure rage
Soon they were stoned by their once loving peers
Their graves still stand to teach that stick and stones
Are the least to worry when words can break bones
(I just need to say sonnets are FREAKING HARD TO WRITE. there are SO MANY RESTRICTIONS:
-10 syllables
-stresses on every other syllable
-14 lines
-and a rhyme scheme of
like seriously, i DARE YOU to try and right one, SO FREAKIN HARD)

feel FREE to comment!!!

Anything For You
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: Anything For You
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13-r
Pairings: 2min,
Genre: angst
Summary: He would do anything to be with Minho. Anything.

A/N: This is based off of a song by Evanescence, but for some reason it was only a demo or something? I’m not exactly sure… but anyways I was kinda disappointed in the lack of 2min lately so I decided I should write one… granted I should have picked a fluffier plot but… then again, I’m a die-hard angst writer~

P.S. there is going to be really stupid pun in there somewhere… I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself… I’m ashamed…


He would do anything for Minho, anything.Collapse )

The Letter
FOREVER, 2min, taeminho

Title: The Letter
Author: brokenwings2min
Rating: pg-13
Pairings: jongkey, onkey, side!jongkyung
Genre: angst
Summary: The letter that explained it all.

A/N: So I feel REALLY guilty i haven't writen anything in a WHILE... I mean I did go on a trip but still, guilty. So until my brain is fully back on writing, this is just a last minute drabble-ish thing i decided to put together... which didn't really turn out to be a drabble... again. Just so we're clear, while writing this I made SO many changes to the plot it's not even funny... well actually it is. And if you've ever read my other fanfics you'd notice it's a bit different that my normal writing style... hope you like it though~

Dear Jonghyun,Collapse )